Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year !

Lucky Pup Rescue is not only celebrating the new year, but our one-year anniversary! In that time we have found new homes for 193 sweet babes in need. From 3-month old puppies to 10-yr-old senior loves, we have removed them from euthanasia lists, shelter environments, and inappropriate living circumstances and placed them in forever homes. We have so many happy tails, and a few heartbreaks as is always the case when dealing with living beings. If you'd like to receive our newsletter or would like more info on any of our dogs or programs just email us at We can always use materials items such as crates, leashes, dog food, and of course monetary donations but we can also use the gift of your time - whether you have an hour per month to help us with an adoption event at a pet store, or a few hours per week to help with home visits, transportation, etc we can use you! Thank you to everyone who has made our rescue successful this year!

We even have a facebook page now -search for us with the email above, and sign on as a friend!

Here are a couple sweeties that are already here in New England needing a forever home.

May the new year bring health, happiness and furry friends to keep your life fulfilled!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunshine on my shoulder ; 0 )

Sunshine is a very cute and petite border collie girl. She is fun and affectionate but a little nervous so far around very small kids because they move too fast. She loves other dogs and didn't mind the cat, but was doing the typical border collie herding behavior with the small humans. She wouldn't mind being an "only dog" with chances to socialize with other canines.

Contact us today to meet her and bring her home for the holidays.

Darlings are settling in!

All the 17 babes that we brought up this weekend are settling into their foster or adoptive homes. Look at this cutie J.J. He was absolutely adorable, sociable and sweet when we picked him up at the transport. He tumbled around with his brother Jeremy in typical puppy play. His pictures don't do him justice. He's settling into his foster home well and is looking for a forever home for the holidays. Contact us today for an adoption application.

Sweet Jesse needs a home for the holidays

Jesse is so sweet. She is approx. 1 year old and is a teeny little thing - about 35 lbs. Jesse is housebroken and affectionate with women and kids but a little hesitant with men. She warms up after a bit of barking; once she figures out that they are not going to hurt her, she settles down and will even go up for a snuggle. She loves to run so if you're a jogger she might be the perfect dog for you. A fenced yard is a must, as she is a bit of a houdini girl and will keep you on a chase. Jesse absolutely loves other dogs, especially big ones. She is a sweetheart who needs a patient and loving home - contact us today at so you can come check her out. Her foster mom is a single mom with a male dog, and she reports fantastic progress with her and knows Jesse will be a great dog in the right home.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Off to transport - returned with 17 sweeties!

Jenny, Sue and Eileen went to New Hampshire today to meet Peterson's transport. They can transport around 100 dogs in their converted horse trailer (check out the picture). We waited in the cold for 17 dogs to arrive for our foster and adoptive families. From Bonnie, the super cute puppy, to Dixon the handsome pit bull, every one of them was so sweet and well-behaved. Bailey and Bessie were a little shy as was Winkie (she's beautiful) but Angel was very outgoing and social, as were Jeremy and JJ and lots of their friends. Check out our available pets at ; when you see one marked "In Maine" or "In New England" that means they are here and ready for you to meet!

Here's the cutie Angel who is our foster girl -- she is an awesome dog, has not barked yet, loves all people and our resident foster Arlo. Also, a pic of Bonnie with her new mom!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Where are the beagle lovers?

Do you love romping with a little short-legged pup? Do you love their high energy and happy disposition? Jane and Angel are waiting for loving homes. Jane is right here in Maine and is a doll. She is a more "typical" looking beagle mix who loves to romp and play. Angel is mixed with some sort of terrier - look at those flappy ears - she reminds us of the flying nun! She is in our partner shelter in the south, but if you agree to foster or adopt her she can come north to safety. Either one of these sweet young things would be a loyal pal that would fill your life with love and energy!

Velvet-ty soft!

How sweet is this girl? Velvet is a beautiful and petite (no more than 40 lbs) mix of Borzoi and Weimeraner. She just got to Maine a few days ago and is pretty tired from her ordeal. She was found as a stray near a hospital in Arkansas. After going through heartworm treatment she has finally been able to come north to an indoor and safe life. She is fantastic with people, and bonded instantly with 17-year-old Chris. She is fine with cats and other dogs though was a little territorial with one bigger male dog; she's probably just so confused about what is happening to her. She might be best as an only dog in your household and will love your kids to pieces. She is soft and doesn't mind being brushed. She's a sweetheart!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Please get us out of our cages!

URGENT!! Poor Lady and Tramp have been living in cages at the vet's office for several months. They are approximately 1 year old. They both were found under a house that had burned due to a fire. They were taken to the vet's office and amazingly, they both made it through the ordeal with no physical problems. Lady is a very shy girl. She needs a foster or forever home immediately to begin learning that noises and other unfamiliar sounds are ok. Poor baby just wanted to get back inside to her "cage" when she was let out to meet the photographer taking pictures for the website. She is sweet and gentle, but needs some direction and love. Please consider being her guardian angel. These two have been separated for a while so they do not need to go to a new home together but it may help her come out of her shell to have her brother with her. Both dogs are tall, slender, and beautiful with the best of both breeds - greyhound body, loving lab personality -- it's buried in there, especially with Lady because she is so scared, but if you have love and patience Lady or Tramp may be the right sweetie for you. Lady is the reddish-brown color and Tramp is lighter brown or tan - gorgeous animals!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Don't overlook the middle-agers!

Have you ever considered adopting an older dog? They are often more mellow than their hyper younger counterparts, very loyal, do well alone in the house, and aren't going to shred your furniture. People often overlook an older dog because they worry about medical concerns or not having a long time to spend with them - these sweeties need love and safety as much, if not more, than younger dogs. They often have many great years ahead, or many miserable years if no one will step up for them. Maizy and Flo are two such dogs. Check our site for more details on both. We also have a courtesy post for Yaddi, and we are having more and more local families ask us to take their adult dogs because their financial or living situations are changing. Think about giving some quality time to one of these wonderful dogs.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Tails for many, others still waiting!

Just this week, all these sweeties have found new forever families: Charlie, Butterscoth, Chloe, Ella, Winston, Jamie, Ben, Reba, Jeffrey, Moe and Lillie. We are ecstatic for all of these lucky pups, but you know that there are ALWAYS more right behind them, some in very urgent situations. One of our partner shelters in the south is so overcrowded that they are paying to board dogs at a local vet's office; they stay in cages basically all day and all night, sometimes without being let out for a pee break at all. How sad is that? Any training they had is being undone because they are forced to eliminate in their cages. The good news is these babes do well when they do get into a loving and safe environment. Rudy and Ruby are just such dogs; they are a brother and sister pair that have moved out of that icky environment to a loving temporary home but now we need to move them up here to safety in New England. They are young'uns at approx. 8 months old --terrific medium-sized cattle dog/blue heeler mixes and so cute, don't you think?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Smokey is so happy to be running around freely, eating up all the love and attention! He was living in a cage at a vet's office for about 10 weeks, some days not even being let out! He must have been so sad and he was in pain with an infection when he arrived. Now that he is in a great foster home right here in Southern Maine, Smokey is thriving; he is even about to graduate from obedience class! He is settling into a dog's life very well and is living with several cats. He will "talk" to you - it is too cute! He needs a family who will follow through with his obedience training and commit to exercising him daily as he has some puppy energy to burn! Smokey is a Samoyed mix with beautiful long white fur and is approximately 1 and 1/2 years old. His original owners were an older couple who no longer could care for him. Please consider showing him what real family life is all about. Smokey has many friends from puppy age right on up, all breeds, sizes, and energy levels that are looking for forever homes. Contact us at

Monday, November 10, 2008

Meet Sweet Tanner and sister Tori

Check out those ears on Tanner (to the left), and you can see why they nicknamed him "Yoda"! Tanner and Tori are small black lab mixes (maybe mixed with Schipperke ?) who are finally learning what living in a family is like after months living in a crate. They are not quite a year old and Tanner is turning out to be spunky and fun. He is right here in Maine in a foster home as is Tori. She is quite shy but is coming along, and Tanner is more outgoing that his sister. They are house-trained and learning manners and are looking for forever homes so they never have to be endangered again! Tori is more petite, all black in color and is pretty timid. It will take a special family to be patient while teaching her that people aren't going to abandon her any more. Please think about one or both of these sweeties!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How beautiful is this girl?

Coco is a very sweet 4 y.o. beagle/lab mix. She is coming to Maine this weekend (11/8) and would love to meet you. She is gentle and loving, and gets along great with lg. dogs and with kids and grown-ups. She loves to play and is housebroken, can sit, lie down and rolls over for belly rubs! She has chased cats but doesn't seem to want to hurt them - just sees them as playmates.

Contact us if you'd like to meet her to consider making her part of your family!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Beautiful Red needs a home

Red is a handsome Chow mix who desperately needs to get out of the small cage where he is living at the vet's office in Arkansas. He is basically in there 24/7 without exercise and attention outside of his basic needs being met for survival. We want to bring him north where he can enter a loving family but we need your help - as either a foster or adoptive family. In spite of his current conditions Red is sweet and wants to play. He will need some basic obedience training to help him walk better on leash and learn house manners, but he will return your investment of love.

Contact us for more info about this sweetheart! He deserves a family to call his own, don't you think?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Puppy Foster Families needed!

11-1-08 Vader's sweet face should be enough to convince you ; 0 ) We have several puppies on their way north who need foster. Vader and Wally are the first two, and they are due to arrive next saturday the 8th. Foster families only need to provide love and safety, Lucky Pup Rescue will take care of the rest! There is no financial commitment on your part, just an application and a home visit by one of our volunteers. We'll answer any questions for you and get you set up with crate, food, leash, etc. If you are not ready to try a puppy, we ALWAYS have adult dogs as well. It's a great way to try out dog ownership without a long-term commitment. If you find the "right one" for your family, the foster family has the first option to keep him or her, unless we've already told you up front that a new owner has already been committed to.

Want more info? Contact us at

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Southern shelters are overflowing!

It's spring and time for puppies to be arriving. No one could have anticipated the vast numbers, however. Here are some beautiful faces in need of good homes. Eight out of nine shepherd mix babies are ready to go whenever we can find foster for them in New England (one was previously adopted). Take a look and see if you can help us out. Missy, Mickey and Miles are 3 of the babes. The others are on our site at

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We're baaaaaaaack!

Sincere apologies for the lapse in blog entries! Between problems on the blogger site and crazy rescue life, not to mention softball and baseball season at our house, we've been slow to get the updates here, but you can always check out our available dogs at

Our most significant news is that our foster dog, Arlo, was hit by a truck with a horse trailer a couple weeks ago now. His leg was badly damaged with significant soft tissue injuries, but being a "lucky pup" and all, he had no fractures or other wounds such as head or internal injuries. He was at the emergency hospital for 5 days and now that he's home he has wound care and dressing changes every two days. His vet bills are in the multiple thousands of dollars at this point, a significant strain on the rescue. If you can help out in any way we need you! Adoption of a pet, fostering, financial donations, and fundraising ideas are all welcome!
Here is a picture of our sweet boy. He's been a trouper through it all; he even lets them change the bandages with no sedation at this point. He is a love, and a great dog! He's had a long road, and this makes it even longer and more stressful! Thank you to everyone who has helped along the way, whether it's with your money, your moral support, or prayers for his recovery.


Monday, March 31, 2008

Relay for Georgia dogs

These poor babies have been through so much!

When we found out that a sanctuary in GA had to close, leaving approximately

93 dogs homeless, we knew we had to help!

We wished we could take them all, but since we can only help as many

dogs as we have foster homes, we chose four from the 'best of the best". The dogs were able to
get a ride to CT where Sue picked up our 4 sweeties. Here they are:

Thomas was a really difficult placement and a wonderful family with two terrific

humans and 5 great dogs agreed to provide Thomas with love, training and the

socialization he needed. Thomas is basically a feral Lab. He and his 4 siblings had

never had crucial socialization and are so painfully shy. Deb and Steve took him

in and he is getting all that he needs to become a wonderful member of their family.

Read on (scroll up, as the postings are "newest first") for more GA dog tales.

New Homes for Lucky Pups!

In the last week or so, these sweet things all went to their forever homes:

Sasha, Emily, Bob, Rita, Thomas, Krissie and Sallie.

You knew what the next line would be: we ALWAYS have more! Here in New England we have all these babes:

Arlo, Sully, Tilly, Mikah, Buddy, Joanie, Crawford, Socks, Skip, Starsky, and Hutch. We are also helping Bodhi's mom re-home him because she has to move without him ; 0 (

Can you provide a loving home for one or more of these needy dogs? Some people ask us - "if they are such a great dog, why are they still in a shelter?" That answer is easy if you realize the depth of the problem in the south especially. GREAT dogs sit there because homeless pets are "a dime a dozen". If you showed up to a location with a litter of black lab puppies here, you know what would happen - adoption in a heartbeat! We've heard stories of people going to a K-mart parking lot in a southern state with a box of black lab puppies, and they couldn't GIVE them away!

Look at Crawford's face. How could you leave him behind?! He is a teeny lab/terrier mix, approx 4 months old. He is available for adoption. Email us at for an application today! You can check out our other available pets at

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Arlo !

Arlo is our third Georgia dog who will be making the trip north this weekend. He is a big guy and still a "teenager" at only 2 years old - a German Short-haired Pointer, possibly purebred. He is a big goofy doll! He might be a little much for very small children just because he might knock them over by accident with his big lean body. He is searching for a family of his own after abruptly being told his sanctuary rescuers have to close. He was rescued from a kill shelter not long ago so he needs another doggy angel to step up for him. We can't wait to meet him, how about you? He is great with other dogs, loves people, and is affectionate and thankful!

Beautiful Tilly!

If you're a big dog lover, Tilly is your girl. She is a sweet lab who is approx 55 lbs. Her coat is a beautiful brown and she is a gentle and loving girl. She's great with kids, dogs and cats and will give you lots of love in return for a warm home, consistent meals and safety - all things that were lacking in her previous life!

Updates! Adoptions and Newbies!

This week we've sent some more lucky pups to their forever homes - Sunny, Tex and Dixon (they went together - yeah!), Betsy, Skipo, Daisy Mae and Ronny - thank you to their new families! Enjoy each and every day!

Now, we have some new babes - ALWAYS have new babes! A desperate situation in Georgia has forced a sanctuary to close, and to re-home nearly 100 dogs. After agonizing because we want to help them all, we were able to rescue the "best of the best" dogs and bring them here. We will update pictures when we meet them but scroll down to see these sweeties.

Here is Sully - he is a medium-size lab mix, terrific with kids and dogs, maybe a little much with cats. He is gentle and sweet and loving!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Halo needs a home pronto!

Halo is running out of time! He is a large and playful
Mastiff mix who has been at the shelter too long.
If you would commit to fostering or adopting him,
he could receive the medical treatment he needs (for
heartworm) and travel north, possibly in late April?
He is a gentle and loving dog in spite of his size.

Can you be the one to spare this guy?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Another great week for Lucky Pups!

More furry angels got new homes since our last "happy tails" post! Chelsea, Gabe, Brenda, Zelda, Bosco, Timmy and Cody all found their forever families. Thank you to all who have helped these precious babes on their way to freedom! Just like always, though, there are ALWAYS more! We can only do it one at a time and only with your help. Right now we have Mikah, Sasha, Rita, Tex, Dixon and Buddy in Maine that need homes. Emily is on her way north. Within the next several weeks, however, we have quite a few dogs making their way up to New England. Tisha and her tots (all 3 are small beagle mixes) as well as Tux (a sweet black and white terrier mix) are coming from Texas. Starsky, Hutch, Skip, and as many as 4 puppies are making their way north from Arkansas, and possibly some sweet Georgia dogs! You can see that we need your help more than ever. One great thing is that spring is approaching, making it easier to get outside with a new puppy or adult dog. Let us help you find a new family member to share your life with!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Beautiful Sasha!

Look at the new pictures of this gorgeous girl! Sasha is in foster care in Maine and is getting used to this crazy cold weather! She is getting the hang of housetraining and is a real love! She's a sweet and petite girl who is looking for a family to love! Contact us today if you're interested in this 4-year-old Basenji mix.

Sweet Emily!

Check out this beautiful girl! She is ready to come north and needs a foster home and a forever home. She is in foster care in Arkansas where she recovered from heartworm treatment and is doing very well. She's getting the hang of housetraining and she loves to run and play. Do you have an active family that could take in Emily? She's a real sweetheart - a one-year-old shepherd mix who has had a rough start but is just dying to love a real family!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sweet Little Guys need a home!

Tex and Dixon are super-cute lab babies! Their mom was a small red German Pinscher while their dad was a lab. They were rescued from a KY shelter and they are right here in Maine, begging to meet you. They are filled with energy and lots of love to give. Their foster home is too crowded to give them all the exercise and attention they crave - won't you give them a loving forever home and show them what NORTHERN hospitality is all about?! Contact us for more information on these sweet boys. They are approximately 4 months old and will require neutering and lots of snuggling. Are you ready for that job?!

Monday, February 25, 2008

What a week for Lucky Pups!

School vacation week was so very eventful for Lucky Pup Rescue. Two vehicles loaded up with over a dozen dogs left the transport Saturday evening. After their mandatory foster period, the following dogs went to their forever homes: Charlie, Chester, Clifford, Casey, Timmy, Tara, Danny, Gracie, Sophie and Landry! We still have available Cody, the sweet lab/German Shorthaired Pointer puppy. Buddy is a 2 - year old mixed-breed love and would make a great family dog. Mikah is a Lab/Catahoula Leopard Dog mix, and Rita is a Lab/Shepherd mix. All of those dogs are still in Maine in foster care and you may meet them at any time. Timmy the Border Collie mix pup is going to his forever home on Wednesday. We also have two lab mix puppies. Stay tuned for pictures of Tex and Dixon.
On March 1st there is quite a group of dogs joining us from the south. Perhaps you could help us foster one of these dogs and see if ownership is right for you at this time. Emily, Justine and Precious Gal as well as the brother and sister pair of Chelsea and Clyde are just a few of the possibilities.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Danny arriving in New England soon!

Danny is quite a handsome shepherd, don't you think? He should be in Maine this weekend and he needs a foster home for the first 48 hours, and a forever home. This would be a nice way for you to get to know him before you decide if he's a good fit for your family. He's approx. 1 year old and is a medium-sized dog, around 30 lbs. He was surrendered by his owner before Christmas so he may have some good house manners and training. Please help him out so he can learn that a real family doesn't abandon him! Contact us if you'd like to foster or adopt Danny!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rita needs a forever family!

Check out this lovable girl! Rita came to us in January from a shelter in Northern Maine- overweight and needing medical care. She is in a fantastic foster home, healthier and happier, where she gets along great with dogs, cats, other animals, and kids of all ages. She is a young shepherd mix who needs more exercise and attention than she is getting now. Maybe you have the right active family for her. These pictures don't do her justice - would you like to meet her? Just send us an email at

Henry adopted!

Henry found a new home in Maine. He is a super-cute Australian Cattle Dog mix. There are lots of other loving dogs who need a home. Once we can transport these loves up here they usually only stay with us a week or two at most, so you have to act fast. If there is a dog on our site you are interested in that is not in New England yet, we can take care of the preliminaries (paperwork, home visit, etc) while working on getting him or her here. Unfortunately some families have a longer wait because there is a medical need such as heartworm or spaying that needs to take place, so it's sometimes a wait of several weeks. Every one of them is worth it though! If you are looking for a specific breed of dog, or traits, age, etc. let us know because we have access to dogs that we don't have up on the site - just not enough room for them all because there are SO MANY!
Thanks to everyone who came to the fair and bought biscuits, left donations, or signed up to foster a dog. We need foster homes in our area!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Join us at the Fair!

If you're in the neighborhood of Kennebunk High School on February 9th from 9 - 3, join us at the Valentine Fair! Lucky Pup Rescue will have biscuits for sale for your furry valentine, as well as pictures and information about our adoptable animals and ways that you can help us out!
Below is a picture of Mikah. She is a 2-year-old Labrador Retriever/Catahoula Leopard Dog mix who was surrendered by her owner when he got called overseas. She was a much-loved family member, and has found a temporary foster home in Maine so you can come meet her if you like! She is doing very well with other dogs and cats, but needs a home without very small children (she likes to chase them too much!) She requires the space and opportunity to run, as well as someone who is willing to train her and maybe join an obedience class with her. Do you have an active family that could add Mikah to the mix?

New homes for Lucky Pups!

Not only did Sadie and Misty find their forever homes, but Coco, Jake and Angel were adopted as well. Best wishes to all of them and their new families!


Sweet Sadie has found her forever home too! She will be joining a family with fur brothers and sisters and a sweet little human sister too. We wish Sadie and her new family well!


I am delighted to report that Misty has been adopted in a forever home in Maine. A wonderful couple chose her to be part of their family and, more importantly, she chose them! It was the least shy she has EVER acted, and when she arrived at their home she acted like she had lived there all her life. What a wonderful next chapter to her story! Thanks to everyone who helped her along the way, and especially to her new family. Best wishes to all of you!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Look at this beautiful girl! She's a 3-year-old border collie/lab mix and she's had a rough start to her life. She was originally a Katrina dog who was found next to her mother who had died. She has bounced around to different environments but reportedly has never had a loving, stable home. She was very shy with us (in foster care) at first, and still is frightened if you move too quickly or if you surprise her by accident but in just a couple of days she's gone from running away from us to cuddling with us on the couch. Maybe she's so grateful to have love and safety! She would make a great pet for someone with love and patience, and without very young kids (because they move too quickly). Right now she reacts better to girls and women but is learning to trust the guys at our house. She is a real sweetheart, it's proof that dogs really do love unconditionally, no matter what they've been through. Would you consider giving this sweet girl a chance at a happy life? She does not chew or jump on people, and she's learning to walk on a leash and to play with toys. She loves the crate and has made a ton of progress on house-training - no accidents after the very first day! She is spayed, up to date on shots and medical care, and Misty is in Maine, awaiting a chance at a forever home. Contact us today at If she's not the right girl for you we have SO many other animals who need a home.