Saturday, March 26, 2011

Update on Recently-Adopted Taylor!

Taylor (who still has several sibs available for adoption!) was recently adopted and here's what her new family has to say: 

"She is doing wonderful and is finally learning that the cat's rule and dogs drool. She has not won over all the hearts of the cats in the house but she is gaining ground everyday. She starts her puppy training next week but already has sit, lay down and fetch in process. Thank you so much for bring such a sweet little girl into our lives."


Christine and Rick

Remember Phil and Lil?

Phil and Lil are a unique followup story as although they were adopted by different families, they still get to play together occasionally as their families dog-sit for each other during vacations!  Here is a picture of them together, scoping out the neighborhood.  Phil is now Charlie - they were adopted in March 2010! 

They get so excited when they see each other...endless wrestling!  

Lucky Girl Callie is Adjusting Well!

Callie is adapting to her new home just fine, we would say!  Looks like she is just about as content as a dog can be in this photo.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Twenty-two more lives saved!

Bailey and Jelly Belly romping
at one of the rest stops!

Chloe and Jelly Belly happy to have a break

Cutie-pie Fletcher lovin' a little break and a snuggle!

re-loading for the last leg of the journey!

one last snuggle from Chloe to her foster mom who she has known for over a year!

Macie and the C puppies settling in for their last long stretch !
The flu has been keeping us under the weather (literally) but we're back and ready to catch up on postings! A few weeks ago Sue and Heather took a little journey to Virginia to meet our rescue partners half-way. We brought back 22 dogs, mostly puppies, ready for their new lives. Several of these cuties have found their forever homes but we have LOTS of puppies growing strong and ready to meet their new families. Contact us today ( for an application!