Saturday, April 30, 2011

Patrick's Happy Ending Story

"Patrick is a beloved member of the family who has made all sorts of friends in the neighborhood as well. He loves his daily free runs in the woods with me. He looks so happy, tail wagging and feet pounding the trail, sniffing about. He is also BEST friends with our cat Juliet. They've been buddies since the day they met. We can't imagine our lives without him. He definitely keeps us on our toes as he is an unapologetic and stealthy food stealer and has a looooong list of purloined goodies to brag about! :-) We're working on that and think he's just the best thing ever anyway!"

JoJo's Happy Ending!

"Do you think this is a 'lucky pup' ?  JoJo knows she is !! We love her to bits and she is a constant companion to Jim, the love of her life ! She is funny and loving and, for the most part, a good girl :) ! She loves to go for car rides and long walks. When Jim comes home from work all four feet jump off the ground ! She is that happy to see him! She gets to see her son, Biscuit, now and then, and they "kiss" and then she licks his face and they play like they are still together ! So funny and sweet. I guess you never stop being a "mom"! 

Need to tell you a cute story ....We went to dinner with Biscuit's adopters and they had Biscuit (JoJo's son) and Dixie in the car with them. We had JoJo with us. The minute we pulled into the restaurant, JoJo and Biscuit started "talking" to each other. Their high pitched barks and "whining" are distinguishable !! Carol didn't want to get their dogs out of the car, so they just communicated from afar !

So funny ! We were going to take them out where they could romp and play together, but it started raining...

We are grateful everyday for having JoJo find us !!! Thank you once again.

Hope you had a nice Easter. God bless you for all your good work.

Update on Daisy - now Micki!!

"My family and I adopted Micki (formerly Daisy) in November of 2010 after our last rescue passed away due to an illness. Our older dog, Abby, was very depressed and so were we. After a year, we decided it was time again to add another member to our family; we had so much love to give and so much room in our hearts and our home. Micki has been with us for 5 1/2 months and she is such a joy! At first she was nervous with her new surroundings and unfamiliar people but now she greets everyone that comes to our house with big, wet kisses and loves to sit on your lap and snuggle! This summer we are signing her up to be a Seacoast Dock Dog, which will be perfect for her high energy! She is a wonderful girl and to tell the truth I think she may have rescued us!"