Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The "Sky" is the Limit!

"We had a feeling before she arrived Sky would fit right in with our "family" and we were not wrong. After losing our first dog, Niki (a husky mix), who we had adopted from the Animal Refuge League in 1996 we were left with Kaya (our Alaskan Husky) & 2 cats. We had already been fostering for Lucky Pup for a few months so we knew where we could start looking for our next "lucky pup". When Janet told us about Sky (a black lab/husky mix with pretty blue eyes) we immediately said we wanted to foster to adopt her. And now 2 years later Sky has become an integral part of our family. With our daycare she has lots of friends who she gets to play with every day (along with Kaya and Adam, who we adopted from Lucky Pup last year). Some of her favorite spots are the Quarry Run dog park in Portland, Twin Brook in Cumberland & the Libbey Hill trails in Gray. When she tires herself out, she loves to be a "lap dog", sitting in your lap or laying by your side (or on the couch!). She is quite a character. Thanks to Lucky Pup for bringing us together:)"

Miss Courtney's Happy Ending!

"Just wanted to thank you again, and let you know everything is going great with Courtney. We have officially changed her name to Lucky (cause that's how we feel!). She is settling in well in her new environment, and she is definitely getting a smell of the area with that nose lol.  She already recognizes home (she pulls us there when returning from walks) and does love her crate (though she will only sleep on the couch in my bedroom)."