Monday, March 31, 2008

Relay for Georgia dogs

These poor babies have been through so much!

When we found out that a sanctuary in GA had to close, leaving approximately

93 dogs homeless, we knew we had to help!

We wished we could take them all, but since we can only help as many

dogs as we have foster homes, we chose four from the 'best of the best". The dogs were able to
get a ride to CT where Sue picked up our 4 sweeties. Here they are:

Thomas was a really difficult placement and a wonderful family with two terrific

humans and 5 great dogs agreed to provide Thomas with love, training and the

socialization he needed. Thomas is basically a feral Lab. He and his 4 siblings had

never had crucial socialization and are so painfully shy. Deb and Steve took him

in and he is getting all that he needs to become a wonderful member of their family.

Read on (scroll up, as the postings are "newest first") for more GA dog tales.

New Homes for Lucky Pups!

In the last week or so, these sweet things all went to their forever homes:

Sasha, Emily, Bob, Rita, Thomas, Krissie and Sallie.

You knew what the next line would be: we ALWAYS have more! Here in New England we have all these babes:

Arlo, Sully, Tilly, Mikah, Buddy, Joanie, Crawford, Socks, Skip, Starsky, and Hutch. We are also helping Bodhi's mom re-home him because she has to move without him ; 0 (

Can you provide a loving home for one or more of these needy dogs? Some people ask us - "if they are such a great dog, why are they still in a shelter?" That answer is easy if you realize the depth of the problem in the south especially. GREAT dogs sit there because homeless pets are "a dime a dozen". If you showed up to a location with a litter of black lab puppies here, you know what would happen - adoption in a heartbeat! We've heard stories of people going to a K-mart parking lot in a southern state with a box of black lab puppies, and they couldn't GIVE them away!

Look at Crawford's face. How could you leave him behind?! He is a teeny lab/terrier mix, approx 4 months old. He is available for adoption. Email us at for an application today! You can check out our other available pets at