Monday, April 4, 2011

Chip-In for Madison!

Beautiful Tess - Also a Recent Lucky Pup!

 Tess and her new say more than words can sometimes, don't they!  Thank you Ellen and Jim!
"Tess (now known as Tessa) seems to be settling in quite well. We have a pretty calm and mellow home and she seems to really enjoy the tranquility and cuddling. So lucky to live blocks from the beach, where she is getting her energy out (just came back now and she seems to be the popular one on the beach as most people know her!)."

Caesar Has Found His Way Home!

We are very happy to report that Caesar (now Cesar) has found his way home - lopsided ears and all!  Here is what his new family has to say about this charismatic boy......and his new brother Calvin.

"Best friends! they love each other!!!! They have been playing all morning and last night! I decided to keep the name Caesar but change the spelling to the Dog Whisperer's....Cesar :)  Thank you both so much for all your help! We love our new family member. Cesar is such a LOVE!!!"