Sunday, August 30, 2009

Spring the Dock Dog!

We took beautiful Spring to the practice of the newly-formed Maine Dock Dogs group. She had a blast, though did not like waiting between turns! With a little more practice she'll be flying even further. I think she'd even go in without a ball or something to chase! At one point, a dog wouldn't go in - he stopped at the end of the dock while the tennis ball bobbed in the water - it was just too much! Spring broke her gentle leader, ran into the water, swam out and got the tennis ball! What a riot! (against the rules, but still a riot! ; 0 )

Spring is SO ready for a home of her own, a doggy-sporting familly would be perfect. People at the practice tonight thought she'd do great at flyball or agility, not to mention the Dock Dogs and regular obedience. She is such a love - she has some energy but is also snuggly. She is good with other dogs but will be the boss if you let her. She is house-trained, crate-trained, and just a sweet love! (she is the black and white border collie mix in the pictures)