Thursday, February 3, 2011

Take Your Dog to the Bow Wow Boogie!!!

Celebrate National Spay Month! Take your dog to the Bow Wow Boogie!

Bow Wow Boogie, a dog fun day, will take place on February 19th from 9am-5pm at the indoor training facility of Finish Forward Dogs at 30 Spring Hill Rd. (Industrial Park Rd) in Saco.

The event will host a slew of events that dog-owners can watch and then participate in with their dog; a great way for dog-owners and their pets to find new activities they would like to participate in together. Dog sports offered during the day include agility, rally-obedience, nosework, weight-pull, and musical freestyle. There will also be a best trick contest where participants can show off their pooch’s talent, as well as a conformation demonstration, and Canine Good Citizen testing.

All day events include, Debra Rose Pet Portraits who will be taking professional pet portraits, and Sara Moore will be offering Animal Communication and Canine Reiki sessions. Shear Design’s Doggie Spa will be offering grooming, nail trims, and nail painting. There will be lots of vendors selling pet-themed products, so it will be a great time to find a hand-made dog collar or organic dog biscuit for your special friend.

In celebration of February as National Spay Month, all proceeds of the event will go to help spay and neuter pets that would not be spayed or neutered otherwise. The event is organized by Community Spay-Neuter Clinic, a low-cost spay-neuter clinic where low-income pet owners can have their pets spayed or neutered and vaccinated.

Lucky Pup Rescue will also have a table at this event!  We would love to see you at this fun-filled event that is for a VERY GOOD CAUSE!

Update on Sweet Betsy!

 Sweet Betsy's (now Summer) adopter just sent us an update.  We have included Summer's puppy picture too!  She was adopted back in September 2010.  Her brothers were Brady and Brody. 

A note from her adopter:  "Summer is currently curled up on the couch with me! She is doing well. We did Companion I, and II classes with her and she was the only dog in her class to pass the sit-stay test every time! She weighs 56 pounds now. She loves running in the snow and romping through the woods when we go snow shoeing. We are still working on some boundaries and hope to do agility with her soon. She does great in the car, and sits in the truck while I plow out our driveway. I took her on a trip to upstate NY and she was a great driving buddy!"

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Willy Enjoying the Snowstorm!

Willy, adopted in June 2008, knows how to relax and enjoy a blizzard.....he's got the right idea!

"Thought you might like to see that Willy is happily enjoying the snowstorm by the fireplace. :-)"  Ned and Kathy

Monday, January 31, 2011

Sweet Chester!

We received another wonderful and heartwarming update on little Chester.  He recently attended his mom and dad's wedding!

"Here are a few pictures of Chester - he was very well behaved.  He rested before all the people got here and on Sunday he went with us to Manchester to take my daughter and granddaughter to the airport.  He is a very good boy.  We love him a lot.

My sister sat on the couch because she was supposed to read a poem.  Just before the ceremony began, Chester jumped on the couch and laid across Sue's lap.  Thus when she went to read, she couldn't get up and disturb Chester so she sat and read it.  It was very emotional for her as she lost her husband 4 years ago.  I think Chester gave her courage.

He has won over yet another family member.  My daughter & granddaughter also got to be friends with  him in the 3 short days they were here.

Enjoy Mr. Chester and his front row seat at the wedding.