Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Could there be MORE puppy love?

Of COURSE! Here is Maureen or Molly (brindle pup) and Buster who is the black border collie/lab mix.

MORE puppy love!

OK, see below for the first group of puppies and here goes Madison, Maddox and Mason!

Every one of these guys cuter than the next! ; 0 )

Puppy LOVE!

Oh my gracious! Our Arkansas friends Lisa, Leanne, and Cissy arrived yesterday with 20 dogs! We are so excited, and we spent the day snuggling with puppies! Check out pictures below! Of these we have approx. 6 available for adoption - Mason, Maddox, Jeremy, Jerry, Jason and Jacob, Maureen and Molly, and Caroline. You can see all of them under "available pets" at I think we'll have to do this in more than one post. So these pictures have the "J pups" - Jenny, Jeremy, Jerry, Jacob, and Jason.