Saturday, June 18, 2011

Today, June 18 - Blizzards for Pups at DQ in Westbrook Maine!

Don't forget - today from 11:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. at Dairy Queen in Westbrook, when you purchase a yummy Blizzard, a portion will be donated to LPR.

Thank you!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Willy's Adoption Update

Willy just had his 3rd adoption birthday with us last month. We are all so happy that he is part of our family and we wanted you to see that he is pretty darn happy about it, too!

Hope all is well with you!

Brady Update

Handsome Brady was adopted in November 2009, and his adopter says he is doing GREAT!

Paws in the Park

Lucky Pup Rescue has been invited by the Animal Refuge League to participate in the 4th annual Paws in the Park Dog Walk to be held Sunday, September 4th in Portland 's Payson Park.

This event attracts many animal lovers who come to walk, browse and look at different breeds and types of dogs. Amid the beautiful backdrops Back Cove and Payson Park offer, we will have a booth with materials and information to promote our rescue.  There will be food, drinks, contests, demonstrations, and of course, the walk itself. And, this year they have also added a 5K run to the festivities!

This is a day for all dogs to strut their stuff, and who better to join the Animal Refuge League than the many faces of rescue groups!

Stay tuned for more information on this great event!

Presentation at Reigning Cats and Dogs in Wells

We have a great opportunity! Sergei from the Dog Rehabilitation Center of Maine in Greene is coming on Friday - 1:30pm at Reigning Cats and Dogs in Wells at 913 Post Road (in the plaza with Reny's and Hannaford). He will be presenting about aggression and guarding (dogs who bark incessantly at new people, noises or reactive aggressively towards new dogs). He will also have some time to work with some dogs so if it is cool outside please bring your dog and we can leave them in the car until he has us bring them in. (Please let me know if you will bring your dog so I can be sure we dont have 50 people expecting him to work with his dogs).

Cost is $20 for adopted dogs and/or owners.

Free for fosters and foster dogs.

Sergei 's link is

He is very active on facebook too and posts lots of videos.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Handsome Curly Update!

CURLY. I adopted him three years ago when he was 5 months old. He and his two brothers, Larry and Mo, were my first foster pups. Curly is a big (80 lb.) love muffin. He is my constant companion and, although he always wants to be with me, he loves other people and other dogs. I am so blessed that he found me!

Update on Recent Adoptee, Buster!

Handsome Buster!
Buster was adopted just last month, in May. 

"He's doing well . We let him off leash in the yard to play ball and "frisbee" and he's good about staying around. We need to get the invisible fence system going though because if he sees someone walking or jogging by or another dog, he's off to greet them! He's learned to stay off the furniture/beds and mostly doesn't jump up on his family members but we're still working on his manners with strangers -- he gets way too excited and can't control his urge to jump. I try to take him for a walk everyday -- today we went for 40 minutes and that was good for him. He and the old cat don't bother with each other at all. The young cat seems to dominate over Buster. Sometimes Buster gets trapped in a room because the cat is laying by the doorway. He seems to favor me as his "person" but likes to be with Dan and the kids too. So, I think we've all adapted OK with having a dog in our family!"

Update on Ginger!

Ginger loves a good hike!
 Ginger, formerly Candice, was adopted in July 2009!  She is daughter of Chloe, who came north this spring. 

"Ginger is doing really well and we just love her. She loves her runs and walks on the beach. She loves to lounge in the sun and chase the chipmunks out of the yard. When we go to my parents' lake house, she spends the day chasing the waves and "protecting" us from them (waves). :) We have been overall very happy with her and want to thank you again for rescuing her and bringing her up north!"

Loves her afternoon naps!

And loves her mom!