Thursday, November 20, 2008

Please get us out of our cages!

URGENT!! Poor Lady and Tramp have been living in cages at the vet's office for several months. They are approximately 1 year old. They both were found under a house that had burned due to a fire. They were taken to the vet's office and amazingly, they both made it through the ordeal with no physical problems. Lady is a very shy girl. She needs a foster or forever home immediately to begin learning that noises and other unfamiliar sounds are ok. Poor baby just wanted to get back inside to her "cage" when she was let out to meet the photographer taking pictures for the website. She is sweet and gentle, but needs some direction and love. Please consider being her guardian angel. These two have been separated for a while so they do not need to go to a new home together but it may help her come out of her shell to have her brother with her. Both dogs are tall, slender, and beautiful with the best of both breeds - greyhound body, loving lab personality -- it's buried in there, especially with Lady because she is so scared, but if you have love and patience Lady or Tramp may be the right sweetie for you. Lady is the reddish-brown color and Tramp is lighter brown or tan - gorgeous animals!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Don't overlook the middle-agers!

Have you ever considered adopting an older dog? They are often more mellow than their hyper younger counterparts, very loyal, do well alone in the house, and aren't going to shred your furniture. People often overlook an older dog because they worry about medical concerns or not having a long time to spend with them - these sweeties need love and safety as much, if not more, than younger dogs. They often have many great years ahead, or many miserable years if no one will step up for them. Maizy and Flo are two such dogs. Check our site for more details on both. We also have a courtesy post for Yaddi, and we are having more and more local families ask us to take their adult dogs because their financial or living situations are changing. Think about giving some quality time to one of these wonderful dogs.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Tails for many, others still waiting!

Just this week, all these sweeties have found new forever families: Charlie, Butterscoth, Chloe, Ella, Winston, Jamie, Ben, Reba, Jeffrey, Moe and Lillie. We are ecstatic for all of these lucky pups, but you know that there are ALWAYS more right behind them, some in very urgent situations. One of our partner shelters in the south is so overcrowded that they are paying to board dogs at a local vet's office; they stay in cages basically all day and all night, sometimes without being let out for a pee break at all. How sad is that? Any training they had is being undone because they are forced to eliminate in their cages. The good news is these babes do well when they do get into a loving and safe environment. Rudy and Ruby are just such dogs; they are a brother and sister pair that have moved out of that icky environment to a loving temporary home but now we need to move them up here to safety in New England. They are young'uns at approx. 8 months old --terrific medium-sized cattle dog/blue heeler mixes and so cute, don't you think?