Saturday, November 27, 2010

Update on "Tuck" - formerly "Van"!

We just received this wonderful update on Van, now known as Tuck:

I know it has been awhile but we had a crazy few months this fall. Wanted to send you an updated photo or two of Tuck. He just turned 1 and we have planned a little party for him with my family tomorrow after Thanksgiving. He is such a good dog and we are so very thankful he is part of our lives. He still has his puppy tendencies, but we love him for those as well. Rylyn even said to me the other day..."Mama, Tuckie is my best friend." My heart melted. Anyways, we are very much looking forward to the holiday with him, although we are not really sure what hewill do with the tree :)

Tuck will love the holidays with his new loving family!