Monday, December 12, 2011

She looks like a Lucy!

Lucy - Adopted February 2011
Yes, Lucy is doing wonderful! There is actually a funny story behind her name. We decided to keep it "Lucy" after posting a picture of her on Facebook then asking for any name suggestions people might have. A good friend of mine who has a BS in Animal Science wrote "You should name her Lucy. She looks like a Lucy." without ever know that was her original name! So we couldn't change it after that.

She really has been an awesome dog and I'm not just saying that. She is full of life and energy and has a lot of love to give. People have made comments like "she's the perfect size" and "she has a the goofiness of a Lab and the brains of a Cattle Dog." She listens very well, loves to be outside and go on hikes, plays fetch, and knows when to settle down at night. And she gets along great with other dogs!

I've attached a picture that I just took this morning because I wanted you to have the most current picture possible.

Thanks for checking in!

Wade - now Max!

Max was adopted in February 2011 (formerly Wade)

We are all doing very, very well! We did rename "Wade" to "Max". It was our intention to stick with his "given" name; however we found that everyone (including us) would speak to him in a Texas accent; Wade fit perfectly using that southern drawl! He actually adjusted quite well to the switch.

We couldn't be more happy with him. Although he had quite a bit of anxiety in the beginning of being left alone, that has subsided significantly and he is doing much better. We were happy to find that he is also a wonderful family dog! Our son James was born prematurely, and, needless to say, was rather fragile when coming home and we were a little concerned about how Max would react. He was so gentle and has become somewhat of a protector of his little brother!

Thank-you so much for bringing such a wonderful dog into our family!

All the best,

Kristen, John, James, and Max!

Angel's Happy Story!

Angel - Adopted February 2011

Hi! Thanks for thinking about us! I still love my little "Angel" to death. I didn't change her name as she truly fits her name (most of the time that is). She is now taking Canine Good Citizen classes, agility classes and scent work training. Of course, in my eyes, she is the star student in all the classes!

Thanks again for all you do to save these well deserving furry friends. I am extremely blessed to have found Pat Toro and her foster pup Angel.

God Bless, Sally

Willie - Formerly Sammy/Spike

Willie - Adopted February 2011

My buddy's name is now Willie, and other than eating too many leaves, he is doing extremely well. He eats off the ground a little too much, but we are currently working on that with a trainer. My wife and I wish you well. Thanks for checking in on him. 

Best regards,


Miss Marley!

Marley - Adopted September 2011!
Marley is doing great. Since she was answering to "Marley" we decided to keep it so not to confuse her. She loves to play with my dog and will curl up next to my cat. She goes to "doggie day care" one day a week to help socialize her with other dogs and people and to give Inara a little break. She is quite popular there! She is getting used to riding in the car and will curl up in the back seat and relax. We even brought her to one of my sons' football games at Maine Maritime Academy and she was very well behaved. Hope all is well with you.

Caleb - Now Cody

Cody (formerly Caleb) - Adopted April 2011
Cody is doing very well and loves his home. We could not be happier with him, he’s a great dog, minds very well, and loves the children, He is very protective of them in a good way, and he is very tame but will let strangers know he’s there should they come near the house.

~Robert, November 2011