Thursday, January 26, 2012

Handsome Auzzie Boy!

Adopted in July 2009 - brother to Amber, Addie, Aden, Alex, Alexis, Amy, and Anna
The following is a little update on his life in the big city!!

Our handsome Auzzie is doing great in his home in Boston, MA!! It only took him a couple of days to adjust to city living before he became a city pup who isn't even bothered by trucks going by or cars honking! Luckily, we live close to the beach and Auzzie loves to run on the beach every morning and afternoon - chasing the birds and his other dog-friends! He won't swim in the water but the beach seems to be heaven on earth for him. He misses his brothers and sisters and was excited to hear that he could see updated pictures of them!! He makes friends everywhere he goes, which is MANY places because we don't leave home without him very often!! Auzzie's favorite thing is snuggling on the couch or in bed and he told us write that he thinks he is "the luckiest pup"!

-Randi and John, January 2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lyle's Happy Tail!

Lyle (formerly Harrison and brother to Harvey and Henry) Adopted July 2009

Lyle (formerly Harrison) is the love of my life! I feel like I got so lucky finding this pup. He was so well natured right from the start, he just LOVES people and people love him. Sometimes this 59 lb. hound likes to think that he's a lap dog. He's super cuddly when it's mellow time, but if it's time to play he can be very sassy! He makes me laugh everyday. He's always the one to get other dogs riled up. He loves to play and has an endless amount of energy while he's playing. When he's off leash in the woods he starts running at warp speed in circles, but always stays close enough. We hike, swim, ski, jog, snuggle, watch movies, and do everything together. He's my best friend and I was so happy to hear that his brothers Stout & Porter are doing so well. I'll admit - seeing their faces, the same expression as I see so often with Lyle, brought tears to my eyes :) Thank you Lucky Pup Rescue!

Larry (now Ziggy) Adopted November 2008 - his brothers were Moe and Curly
 Larry (now Ziggy) is spoiled to the bone. With three teenagers worshipping him, he waits by the Mudroom door for their arrival home every day and I know he wishes for just one ride on the school bus to see what the fuss is about.There is a bit of a tease in him as he loves to belly down, crawl with his front legs while dragging his behind, right in front of the llama (as if a sneaky coyote). The llama hates him as all llamas hate dogs. I think Ziggy glories in this, having the run of the yard and the closeness of his humans.

Healthy, happy and never a thought that he lived anywhere else, Ziggy is the perfect family dog.

~Jeron, January 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

April-Anna's Happy Tail!

April-Anna (formerlyAnna), Adopted July 2009

We changed her name to April-Anna, so my mom could remember when her birthday is. April is a happy and energetic little girl. She is perfect in our pack of 4. She is a little timid at the dog park, but crazy anywhere else! April loves spending time with her family - at home or on the go. She loves to look out the window at the cars going by. April is very protective of her girls and will do anything for them. In the summer she likes to go swimming at her Memere and Pepere's camp, chasing ducks and squirrels, and just relaxing on the couch. At a local annual pet show, she won most energetic the 1st year and the 2nd year she won most talented! In the winter she loves hopping thru the snow, burying her bones, and showing off her ice karate tricks. April is very talented and smart. She loves to learn new tricks or show off what she knows. April has been a perfect addition to our family and we love her so! We can't wait to hear how her siblings are doing on Happy Tails!

~Lori and Melody, January 2012

Beautiful Remi (formerly Alexis)

Remi (Alexis) was adopted January 2010 - sister to Andy and Alex
Remi is such an awesome dog. She brings nothing but joy to our family. We had a bit of a scare when we first adopted her because she turned out to be heartworm positive. With the incredible care from the staff at our local veterinary center, we got her through it she is now in the clear. Remi is energetic, fun loving, and loyal. She doesn't seem to notice she is a short legged 22-pound pup! She is quite a watchdog and keeps us alert when anyone comes around. She helps to keep our other dog Fergie active and youthful. Quite often the two of them provide us with entertainment as they race around the house in a game of cat-and-mouse. Remi has adapted herself to our busy family life. She loves to go camping, hiking, mountain biking, and sledding. She is also quite content to snore on someone's lap if we are just relaxing at home.

Remi looks very serious in these photos, but she is really quite a goof. She is just the perfect dog for our family and we love her to pieces!!

Our Lucky Pup Rescue was a terrific experience and any future adoptions we make will be from Lucky Pup!!!

~Monni, January 2012

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Update on Mark

Mark - Adopted September 2011
Mark is great, growing like a weed. We kept his name as Mark. He knows how to sit, shake, lay down and we are working on roll over.


Mackenzie, Dan, and Mark

Update on Allie

Photo courtesy of Samantha Hartery of Hartery Photography
Adopted February 2009

Allie is doing great! She has taken several obedience classes since we last updated you, and has done wonderfully. However, even with all her experience from dog classes, she still manages to get into a little mischief while outside. We live across the street from a horse farm, and if we don't keep an extremely watchful eye on her she slips over, eats as much horse manure as possible, and if the horses are out, tries to play with them. So because of that, we keep her on a leash or a 'long line' the majority of the time we are outside. She does like to play outside though, and can run like the wind. Inside, she absolutely loves to be as comfortable as possible, and has somehow convinced us to buy three dog beds for her. Each one a little more plush that the one before. They all are big enough to accommodate a dog two times her size! (what can we say, we are suckers for her beautiful brown eyes!) If she doesn't feel like sleeping in one of her beds, we can usually find her sprawled out on our couch. Believe me, for a small (40 lbs) dog, she somehow finds a way to take up the whole thing. She loves all people, and is very gentle with kids. She is hesitant around some dogs and is a little picky making dog friends. But you can tell she absolutely adores the dog friends that she has made.

Thanks for checking in on Allie. We can imagine our life without her!

Sarah + Mike