Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chester the Pester!

 Chester, who was adopted in December 2010, recently visited his former foster family and they had a great time at the beach....

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Aja is a FetchDog!

Pretty girl Aja, adopted in June 2009, was lucky enough to be chosen to model for FetchDog.  Even though she is on a "Mickey" dog bed, that's Aja!  Isn't she beautiful?  Here's what her mom has to say:  " truly our special girl! She's still just as ball crazy as ever ... she can play for hours never seeming to tire!!  When the weather turned cold, we headed to the basement for play time as she needs a little every day! She has also started going to doggie daycare to help better socialize her with other dogs. Aja has gotten really comfortable in the barn with the horses ... she tried to "talk" with them with her little bay that she does! What a hound-dog!! :) They are good with her and it's really cute to see! She also plays with our neighbor's Lab and mix breed ... she tires them out pretty quickly as her energy level is typical pointer!! Run, run, run!!

Oh yes ... Ms. Aja was recently the subject of a FetchDog catalog photo shoot! I had submitted photos last year so I was surprised when they emailed me a couple of weeks ago! She was a very brave girl going into this photo shoot with a bunch of people she didn't know, in a weird place! She modeled 2 collars and a dog bed! The issue is supposed to come out in April ... we're excited to see how her pics actually came out! She's modeling a bed with the name "Mickey" sewn on it.  At the end of our session, she basically passed out in the back seat! :) Such a cutie!

Well ... all in all ... we adore Aja! She is totally delightful and also gets us to smile! She's very people oriented but still a bit shy with strangers ... she's getting better every day though! I hope you enjoy the pics!"


We adopted Biscuit in June of 2010. He is very happy - his tail never stops wagging! - and he is protective of his new family. He fit right in with our 2 girls and it’s like he’s been here forever! Sadly, our matriarch, Blue, crossed the rainbow bridge in March. She and Biscuit were able to run and play off leash in the snow in our back yard over the winter. Biscuit had great fun making snow angels and digging up chunks of crusty snow with his nose for him and Blue to chomp on.

Biscuit is almost the same age as our alpha girl, Dixie, and they have grown very close! They sleep cuddled next to each other, play tug of war with their toys and rough house. They like to play and run in ‘dog friendly’ fenced areas. Biscuit loves to ride and when he’s in the front seat with the window open he wears his red goggles! He closes his eyes in ecstasy when I brush him. Biscuit is always carrying something in his mouth – one of his teddies, a deer antler bone or chew toy, or his favorite fur frisbee! He has captured our hearts as we have captured his!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

May Day Fun!

Brad, now BECKHAM - adopted January 2010

Sully -  Adopted March 2008

Carson - Available for Adoption!!!

Craig (now MAX) Adopted March 2011

Gent - Tuckered Out!

Hunter (now RUFUS) Adopted February 2011

Queenie  (now BELLA) - Adopted October 2009