Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sweet Chelsea

Look at this sweet face! Chelsea is a medium-size (35 lb. ) cutie - she has just arrived in Maine and is in a foster home with one furry foster sibling (male, twice her size) and she established her dominance in the first 5 minutes. Chelsea may do well as an only dog or with a submissive male dog. She was a little afraid at first and it's pretty obvious she is not sure what to do in a home environment but she is learning quickly. She comes when called and is VERY food-motivated - dog food, people food, doesn't matter - if it's edible in her mind she wants it! She would benefit from basic obedience training as she likes to jump up on you to greet you, and she is an insane licker! She might be a little much for very small kids but so far she seems to love everybody, especially her foster dad. Chelsea appears to be a mountain cur or black mouth cur, possibly mixed with American Staffordshire Terrier or Pit Bull Terrier. She has a beautiful brindle coat, and is very affectionate and responsive. Seems like a real smartie ; 0 )
Wouldn't she make a great addition to your family?

Got labs?

Black labs are the ideal family dogs in many peoples' minds - but in the southern states black labs sit and sit in shelters, kennels, foster homes, tied to trees, etc. because no one wants them. They are considered "plain black dogs", they don't have specialized hunting skills, usually aren't particularly good guard dogs, and are not sought after by backyard breeders.

Our partner shelters have so many of these dogs waiting for new homes! They get passed over because they are bigger than some of the "designer dogs", they don't go crazy barking when you pass by their cage at the shelter, and they aren't unusual in looks or personality.

Would you like to save one of these lives? We can help! From "Mighty Moe" who needs a diet and exercise program to Black Jack, who needs out of his cage, to Luckie, Elvis and Bruce -- check out their pictures and stories and contact today about giving them an indoor family life that they so deserve, and giving yourself a fantastic pal to spend time with.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Callie's new "do"

Sweet Callie is a 2-3 year old Cocker Spaniel. She has a funky hairdo because she was covered in mats when she was brought in from the streets. Now she has that "in-between" look - ladies, can you relate?

Callie is living in a foster home in the south but would like a loving indoor home where she can be part of a family. Could that family be yours? She will provide love and loyalty in exchange for her needs being met.