Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Donation Sensation!

Sunday was a highlight of a day for our rescue -- it was the culmination of a humanitarian fundraising effort in support of one of our nation's heroes. Eric Pierce is an Army Sgt. who was stationed in Afhanistan. He and his unit had raised a litter of puppies and Eric had trained Sandy, a shepherd/husky mix, from the time she was just a few weeks old. Now that his unit was to return home, they were ordered to dispose of the dogs. Finding the idea less than bearable, Eric and his fellow soldiers drove the three young dogs 12 miles down the road to an area they hoped would be safe. All three of the dogs made their way back to the base, so the soldiers committed to taking them home. The cost was pretty significant, at $2,900.00 each. Eric sent a message to his mom, Maddy, asking for friends and family to help. Lucky Pup Rescue volunteers donated, military veterans and active duty personnel donated and kind strangers donated. Not only was Eric able to fly Sandy home with the help of "Tigger House", a rescue in Kabul, but the extra money raised was put to good use. A donation was sent to Tigger House, and Eric's sister and mom went shopping. Maddy and Christine Pierce purchased supplies for their local humane society as well as Lucky Pup Rescue. On Sunday, Janet and Sue drove from Kennebunk to North Anson, Maine and filled their two vehicles with the copious donations of dog food, crates, leashes, collars and flea/tick preventative that had been purchased for the rescue. The Pierces also set aside some funds at Southern Maine Veterinary Care to help with medical costs of the rescue dogs. Their generous donations will allow the rescue to breathe a little easier and save even more dogs. Since we are non-profit we are funded completely by the adoption fees, private donations, and fundraising. Many of the dogs require care that exceeds the $300.00 adoption fee so this generous donation from the Pierces will allow us to rescue more dogs in need and take on another case like Scrappy Doo or Ivy who needs more medical care than shelters and private citizens can support. We can't thank them enough!
Sandy has been living with Eric's sister Christine and her family but will be returning to Tennessee with Eric shortly and she will be reunited with two of her brothers who also returned to the states with their adopted dads.
Thank you to everyone who donated to the cause! Sandy is a lucky girl!

Monday, May 4, 2009

May Day

What a beautiful day in downtown Kennebunk! We enjoyed the parade and had several Lucky Pup alumni and foster dogs. Our alumni were Sully, Captain, Arlo and Rhett - and the available sweeties were Caroline, Rocky and Ivy. We also had a booth with a carnival game and items for sale -- the fleece dog toys were a big hit! Check out the pics.