Saturday, June 13, 2009

Beautiful day for Pet and People Walk!

Blue skies and warm sun graced Baxter Boulevard - not to mention a couple hundred beautiful dogs and their people! The Center for Grieving Children held their annual Pet and People Walk. I can't think of a better cause! There are so few resources to help children with loss.

We had 6 Lucky Pup pals join us - Savannah is a recently-adopted cutie, as is Sky. Arlo and Meeka are alumni, Opey is one of the weimeraner pups waiting for a new home, and Blizzard is Janet's first rescue dog - one of the inspirations for her to start Lucky Pup Rescue!

Check out pictures of our sweeties! Arlo did not know what to do with the bear character. He kept sniffing him and seemed to be wondering why he didn't smell like a dog! And Opey was exhausted after the walk and all the socializing! If you look carefully you can see 4 more of our dogs splayed out around him!