Thursday, January 20, 2011

One of Chloe's Charismatic Babies!

"This is the comfiest couch ever!" 

This is Frankie, formerly Cammie - one of Chloe's pups.  Mama Chloe is available for adoption now that she is over her Heartworm treatment.  Please check our Petfinder page for her bio and pictures.  Here is a note we received from Frankie's adopter:

"Hello Lucky Pup,

Thank you so much for sending me these pictures (of Chloe, Frankie's mom). I am so glad that Frankie's mother is alive and doing well. When will they be coming to Maine? Frankie is doing great. She has brought us so much joy. I can't thank you enough for rescuing her.

I hope you all are doing well at Lucky Pup Rescue."

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Ending for Big Boy Champ!

Here is Champ in his new home.  Looks like he is settling in nicely!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Handsome Reese (formerly Nero) Loving the New England Winter!

"This snow is the best!"

"Once the snow finally stopped, it's up to his chest. But he certainly doesn't care as he goes bounding about the yard!

He is one very happy guy and we love him!"

Update on Beautiful Amy!!

Here's a little update on miss Amy:

"Amy is happy, healthy, and keeping us on our toes! She's a little comedian with loads of energy and the cutest personality. She's a very good girl, minds well, and has been great with little kids, other family members, and other dogs. We can take her anywhere and know she's gonna be just fine. She goes to daycare once a week and gets a good run daily on the trails behind our house. She has a special bond with my sister-in-law's Boston Terrier named Buddy.  Those two have so much fun together and even hang out together at daycare. We are happy to report that Amy is a snow dog! She dove right in head first, rolled in it, and hops through the snow banks. She loves to chase snowballs!

We're so happy to have this little lovebug in our family. We love her so much! Thank you so much!"

Micki at Christmas (formerly Daisy)

"Micki had her first Christmas and she loved it as well as the new snow!  She runs outside and stuffs her face in it until she sneezes!!  Here is a pic of her with the girls for our Christmas cards; she wasn’t too happy about having to sit in one place while I took about 10 pictures but she did great!  Hope all is well!"