Friday, May 7, 2010

Which are the adoptable ones?

Make sure you know which of these cuties are the adoptable ones! A big thank you to Caroline and Maddie for carrying the Lucky Pup sign the WHOLE parade route! And to our teenage volunteers for snuggling puppies ( a hard job, we know, but SOMEone has to do it! )

Parade Goers!

Some of our available cuties joined the May Day parade and got some lovin' from the twirlers and other fans!

Easton is the small black schnauzer, and Oreo is the black and white lab puppy lovin' the baton girls. Gabby is the super close-up and her brother Garrett is pictured as well.

More May Day photos!

Maggie is now Ivy (she has the pink vest on in the bottom picture) and she enjoyed the day with her new family and some old friends like Courtney.

Ladybird is a beautiful adult English Coonhound who is doing so great and really would love to find her forever home. Foster mom extroardinaire Shannon got some double-doggy lovin' from Arlo and Ladybird!

Ben, now Finn, is the brown dog who is visiting with new pals Arlo and Sully.

May Day fun!

We were so thrilled to have 18 Lucky Pups join us for the May Day parade and festival in Kennebunk last weekend! It was great to see Barney, Maggie (now Ivy), Sunny, Sully, Arlo, Bear (now Finn), Reed (now Buddy) and Andy (now Bruin). Our adoptable cuties were there too - the G puppies like Gena and Gabby along with Ladybird, Courtney, Easton and Ethan.

Enjoy some photos from that day! Bruin is the white-looking shepherd at the top and Barney is the very relaxed golden dog at the bottom. The two black dogs are Sully (adopted two years ago!) and one of the available "G" puppies.
Thank you to all the alumni and fosters who came out on a beautiful Saturday!