Saturday, May 14, 2011

Get Ready for Pawlooza!

What:  A festival fundraiser to benefit Lucky Pup Rescue and Longhill Dog Park.

When:  Saturday, July 16 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Where:  Longhill park in the field next to the dog park in Dover, NH.

We will have live music performed by Troy Hudson, a local musician.  Bring a chair or towel to enjoy some great music.

There will be a photographer on hand to take your dog's portrait as well as pet-related vendors, services such as dog nail trims, games, food and much more!

Suggested donation is $5 to join in all the fun!

For more information, contact Crystal at

Rita - Now Officially A Bedbug!

Rita - a cutie pie who has a great new life!

Java's New Happy Life!

Java in the shelter - tail still wagging!

UPDATE: Java is loving her new life in southern MA. She takes daily walks with my parents and has a playgroup everyday with her BFFs. She loves hanging out with my parents at night either playing with her toys, being patted or just chilling. During the weekends she enjoys going on family visits with parents or even better spending time at my parents cape house! Every member of our family who has met Java cannot believe how sweet she is, how responsive she is and how easy she is to train. She is making my parents look like trainers and in a family of three professional trainers that's not an easy thing to do. 

Thank you so much Lucky Pup for being an honest, upfront and qualified rescue.

Hugs - Java's new family..


Happy Playtime!

Java in her new digs!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Update on Sweet Baby Girl!

"Sweet Baby Girl is the most wonderful spirit. She loves her home and I love her. Such a cuddlebug, and she gets along with my much older dog Woofie- has livened him up somewhat- and my two cats. I'm so glad she came to live with us as her forever home, she is a doll. She's quite verbal, loves to talk, and is currently learning to say 'I love you' and ' almost there'."

Charlotte the Birthday Girl!

 Charlotte, adopted in January 2011, recently had a very special day:  "Hey to all, since Charlottes actual birthday was up for debate - she was estimated at anywhere between 7-10 months old depending who we talked to - when we had to register her Nancy and I chose May 5 for her birthday. Since Cinco de Mayo is a party day anyways, we figured it was fitting for her.  I have attached a few pictures from her 'party'. She doesn't like wearing hats too much though. And don't worry. We are NOT turning into the kind of people who are going to dress our dog and parade her around. But we couldn't resist the party hat!"

Sammy's New Family!

 Pretty Samantha was recently adopted and here is what her adoring family has to say:  "As you can see... she is quite comfortable. She loves the couch and she and my husband are inseparable.  Some days I think she is trying to do me in :)... she randomly leaves her toys on the top step or right behind my feet where she knows I will trip on them. Hmm.... Sammy and Bruski are quite active-- to the point the only time I can get her pic is when she is plum tuckered on the couch. We walk alot, play alot, and sleep seldom :). They tug and play for hours. She loves the outdoors and will sit and sniff the air, lay down, roll around, bark a little and sniff some more.  The fence is coming this Monday. We can't wait! She follows Bruski's lead but won't hesitate to compete with him. She is bigger and younger and loves to whack him with her huge paws. He is tough though and gives it right back. The other day she was watching him go to the bathroom while we were walking. She even tried to do her business by lifting her leg like he does. It didn't work out so well for her... she is back to squatting.  Sammy's only complaint is that she is too big for the bed. When I get up in the middle of night she waits for me to leave the bed and then tries to take my place! I am slowly being pushed down in the pack. I have to fight to keep position. :) She is funny one !!! :)"