Thursday, February 11, 2010

Beautiful Sebastian!

This little guy needs a Valentine miracle!

His southern foster home says he needs to go, and he is a special needs case for sure. He has been through so much! Sebastian was probably the product of a backyard breeder or puppy mill that didn't know what they were doing. They bred two merle mini-aussies and that produces a genetically defective dog that is often blind, deaf or both. Sebastian is blind and is living in a foster home with way too many dogs, leaving him confused most of the time. He gets snarky with the other dogs because they bump into him or try to play and he doesn't understand. He is being crated most of the time which is making him hate the crate (who wouldn't?!)
He is just a precious boy at about 25 lbs, and he needs more 1:1 attention than he is getting, and would probably do great with just one other dog to help him "see" life from a doggy-size perspective. He gets along best with large female dogs. An ideal home would be with someone who has experience with blind dogs, Aussies, AND who is home alot of the time (we know it's a very tall order) OR someone who will love him enough to work through his issues and to seek help from experienced professionals.

The southern rescue has given Sebastian one last chance for freedom and a good life by sending him to us. We could not give up on this guy! He is not even two years old - he deserves a good long life in a loving home. Sebastian has a particular passion for water and even loves wading pools. Imagine if he had a family who would take him to a beach or lake in New England! He also loves to go on leash walks and does well in a fenced-in yard.

If you are not ready to foster or adopt Sebastian perhaps you could donate towards his transportation north and his care, particularly for a trainer to help us with his special needs related to blindness.

If you are looking to share the love this Valentine's Day, helping Sebastian would be a good start!