Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Satchel, one of Mandy's Pups!

We are fortunate to have had so many wonderful updates! This handsome fella is Satchel. He was originally adopted as Mickey back in July 2009. He was one of the M pups. Mom Mandy was heartworm positive but is now healthy and doing great! As you can see, Satchel is a happy little guy, getting to dig in the dirt and get belly rubs too! Looks like he is a great addition to their other dogs, Harley and Rose.

"Satchel is the perfect dog. I know everyone says that about their dogs, but EVERYONE says that about Satchel! He is a total cuddle-bum, which I guess he got from his mom. The minute anyone sits on the sofa he's right there beside them. He is such a sweet-tempered dog, with excellent manners. I wish I could take the credit for that, but he came to us that way, so I think the credit goes to Mandy."

Rocky Finnegan O'Connor the Wonder Dog!

Carter and the rest of the "C" puppies were with our rescue in the summer of 2009, and Carter was adopted in July 2009.

Hi All,

Just wanted to pass on some recent pictures of Chloe's baby, Carter, now known as Rocky Finnegan O'Connor the Wonder Dog!! Enjoy and Happy Holidays to everyone!!!

Peace, Nancy O'Connor and boyz

Monday, December 27, 2010

Captain Jack Sparrow!

Lucky Pup alumni go on to lead very interesting lives! Last week it was a tractor-driving dog and now we have Jack. He was formerly named Drew - one of the "Red Sox" pups! He looks like he is a pretty good captain. What a hoot!

"Hi there!

Hope this e-mail finds everyone in good health and merry spirits!

We had a DNA test done on Jack - just cause we're so curious! The result was
surprising - we thought for sure he is mostly Border Collie but that didn't even
show up.

Rather he is a mix of Australian cattle Dog / Belgian Malinois mix / Miniature

Thought it might be fun for Jack's siblings owner to know this too.

And see attached picture of Jack driving the car :)

Thank you/Tess + family with Captain Jack Sparrow!"

Bear Enjoying his first Maine Winter!

Bear, previously Comet, was adopted in May 2010. He is loving his first winter in Maine! Here is what his family has to say:

"Bear is doing very well. Loves the cold temps and the snow.
Tried to get a pic of him playing in the snow but he would not sit still
long enough. We had some gifts of treats and toys for him and it did not
take him long to figure out how to unwrap them once he got the hang of it.
Problem is from now on he is going to think all wrapped gifts must be his.
He loves Maine and his new home.

Have a great holiday season."
Dennis and Elaine Gosselin

Update on Cutie Pie Chester!

Chester was recently adopted and his new family is thrilled!

As you can see, his new dad seems quite smitten, and it seems like Chester feels the same! He is doing great in his new digs. Apparently, he loves to go out in the snow and sniff all over the trail!

Thank you Debbie and Charlie!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Buster The Tractor-Riding Dog!

We received this wonderful update and picture of Buster, formerly Tommy and one of the adorable puppies in this picture! He was adopted back in February of 2008 and has grown up to be a gorgeous boy, and is a good farmhand to boot. We are told that he loves to ride the tractor at the farm where he lives in Maine with his loving family!

Mann the Reindeer!

Gorgeous Mann was adopted in July 2010 and here is his update!

I received your e-mail and wanted to write back to update you on Mann. We adopted him in July, we changed his name to Sam and we can not say enough about him or thank you all enough for your help. He is just the best dog ever, next to our other pup Raleigh of course. We love them both so much. I can't imagine that anyone would ever want to get rid of him, but their loss was our gain. It seems like it was meant to be. He and Raleigh have bonded so well, they are almost inseparable, but still regard us as the pack leaders. Two days a week they go to doggie day care and just have a blast. One day a week they visit a farm and play with the farm animals and the other two days they have a dog walker who loves them too. I am attaching a picture of them in their Christmas gear.

In response to this e-mail, we would like to sponsor another pup for the holidays. Please let us know what we need to do and how much we owe. It is the least we can do. Happy Holidays and keep up the good the work.


Kate, it is people like you that keep rescue folks going, emotionally and otherwise! Thank you so much for giving Sam such a wonderful home and sharing his pictures!

Update on Casper, now known as Gus!

The holidays bring us many happy updates on our previous residents. This particular update just warms our hearts and souls.

Here is what Gus' family has to say:

I am sorry it has taken me so long to write and update on Gus. He is wonderful, makes us laugh everyday, and has provided our other pit bull, Lilly, with a best friend.

As winter has approached, we have found that Gus has a love for wood stoves, as he and the other dogs spend most of the day laying in front of the fire snoozing.

That being said, Gus is always up for a good romp outside with Lilly, where they run around like crazy dogs and wrestle until Gus is tired and ready to get back to the heat!

He is truly a love and loves being around us people- he has established himself as part of the family and we adore him. He has been super respectful of the rules in the house until yesterday when I went into our bedroom to find him laying on our bed, head on the pillow, and only looked up for a moment as if to say, "oh hey, welcome home". What a devil!

We are also working with him on leash manners, and he is getting better, sloooooooooowly :-) Gus has also graduated out of the crate, and only rarely goes in when everyone needs a "time out".

If both Chris and I have to work, he now stays out with the other dogs and gets to enjoy sleeping in front of the wood stove all day. Also- just to let you know, we are expecting a baby due March 1, so we will see how all the pups react when we bring home their first human sibling! (We have our little nieces over often, and all the dogs are great with them, so we aren't too worried).

Hopefully Gus will enjoy getting to grow old with a human pal that I'm sure will adore him as much as we do already!

Keep up the great work, happy holidays, and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Quinn and Chris

Monday, December 20, 2010

Update on Akela!

Pretty Akela, formerly Jesse, was adopted in February 2009.

Here is what her family says about her:

"Miss Akela is doing great. She is the perfect dog for us. She hikes and camps with us and is the best all around dog. She even runs on bike trails attached to the bike (safely!)

Her passion is Frisbees! A 20 minutes Frisbee session is her favorite sport.

Hope all is well.

Best Wishes,

Akela and her family"

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Need Some Great Holiday Gift Ideas?

Lucky Pup Rescue is proud to offer ticket books to Sea Dogs baseball games! These are only $20.00 and come with five vouchers for game tickets. What a great stocking stuffer for the baseball lovers in your life! Please e-mail our rescue if you would like to purchase.

For the animal lover, don't forget our wonderful Lucky Pup T-shirts and now sweatshirts, too! Visit http://www.lacroixtees.com/animal-rescue/LuckyPupRescue/ today!

Got any wine lovers on that list? Visit www.BenefitWines.com/luckypup to check out Benefit Wines' offerings.

Also, the "Spot Speaks" book is available and when you purchase the book, you can choose Lucky Pup as the rescue you want the donation to go to. Visit http://www.speakingforspot.com/.

Lastly, in the spirit of holiday giving, maybe you'd like to ask family and friends to donate to the rescue instead of traditional material items. You can also sponsor a specific dog and we'll send a certificate with a photo of the dog. Please see our wish list on our website.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Looks like Izzy Had Too Much Eggnog!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from.......Izzy!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Handsome Ivan's New Home!

Sharing these wonderful stories is always so gratifying: Read on to find out how lucky Ivan and his new family were to find each other......

"Here are some pictures of Ivan. He is an extremely smart dog
smart dog and a wonderful addition to our home. My wife and I are very happy to have such a calm and fantastic dog as Ivan. Ivan and I go to the beach daily and walk on the sidewalk about two miles daily. He also likes to run on a 50-foot rope in our back yard. Thank you very much for letting us adopt Ivan.

Best regards and Merry Christmas!"

Rod and Diane

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Update on Gizmo!

We think this precious photo says it all about how Gizmo (on the arm of the couch) is doing in his new digs. His adopter, Pam, did have this to say, though......

"Not too spoiled! Had a very nice Thanksgiving with Gizmo. He's a happy guy! Hope all is well...."

Gizmo was a local surrender here in Maine. Thanks, Pam, for making his life complete!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Lacy Loves to Decorate!

We just had to share these adorable pictures of Lacy "helping" with the holiday decor! She really takes her new job very seriously, and we think she has got to be the cutest assistant we have seen in a long time! Lacy is one of our wonderful foster dogs and she would love to find her forever home!

Fun at the Kennel Shop!

We recently went to the Kennel Shop in Scarborough where Ceasar and Autumn had so much fun greeting everyone and playing with each other. Love the picture of them giving kisses! She is a teeny puppy and he is an adult terrier/hound mix who is great with everyone. Caesar needs a family to call his own! He is just a doll - so well behaved and such a sweet boy!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sweet Micki, Formerly Known as Daisy!!

"We’ve renamed her Micki (after my mom who passed away on the 8th) …..she is doing great! She is such a love and so sweet. My oldest daughter Lily (9) had a slumber party on Saturday night and she snuggled up right with the girls on their sleeping bags on the floor only moving to give a round of kisses to everyone! She and Abby just love each other and play very hard during the day so at night they are both crashed on the couch! We are keeping her crated at night just because there is way too much mischief she can get into but she doesn’t seem to mind at all. I put her in about 10-10:30pm and Michael gets up at 4:30 to get ready for work so he lets her out and hangs out for about ½ hour before he puts her back in and then I’m up at 6:30. She does very well and never seems hesitant to go in (especially with a chew toy or a treat). Here is a pic of her on the couch with Abby after a long day of play and then on the couch with Lily….

Looks like this loving girl has made herself right at home! Thanks for adopting her, Jennifer, Lily, Abby and Michael!

Update on Sweet Casey!

A heartwarming update on Casey, who was recently adopted:

"Casey continues to adjust very nicely - she does the most beautiful
'sit' and 'down' - she is just so smart!! She loves trail walks/runs
more than a stroll around the block (cars and unfamiliar areas still
bother her a little but we're making progress and continuing to work
with a trainer). She made friends with a BIG but very gentle
Rhodesian Ridgeback on Saturday - here is a picture of her sharing the
couch with him and then when he left she stretched out to enjoy the
whole thing herself! Again, we feel so lucky to have her, she is
beautiful, funny, smart and a complete joy! Thank you again for
helping bring her into our lives. Best, Julie.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Update on "Tuck" - formerly "Van"!

We just received this wonderful update on Van, now known as Tuck:

I know it has been awhile but we had a crazy few months this fall. Wanted to send you an updated photo or two of Tuck. He just turned 1 and we have planned a little party for him with my family tomorrow after Thanksgiving. He is such a good dog and we are so very thankful he is part of our lives. He still has his puppy tendencies, but we love him for those as well. Rylyn even said to me the other day..."Mama, Tuckie is my best friend." My heart melted. Anyways, we are very much looking forward to the holiday with him, although we are not really sure what hewill do with the tree :)

Tuck will love the holidays with his new loving family!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Update on Lexie and Thomas!

Both of these beautiful dogs were were adopted by the same wonderful family in Vermont. Thomas (the handsome black Lab mix) was adopted in March 2008 and was a feral dog who came from a sanctuary with 93 other dogs. He took a very long time and a lot of love and patience but now is a well-adjusted happy boy living with lots of other dogs on a great big piece of land in northern Vermont! He is a marvelous foster brother and he welcomed Lexie (the beautiful golden-colored girl) as a little sister in March of 2009!

Here's what they have to say:

"This year, she (Lexie) has discovered sleeping under the covers. When she gets cold, she will paw at you in bed and when you lift the covers, she zips in. She's a good cuddler when she wants to be.

You wouldn't believe how he (Thomas) turned out. He loves me to death and he treats Steve almost like he does me. He really likes to be around us, especially in the kitchen. He is really playful and loves other dogs. I can 'make' him crawl up on the couch with me, but last night was the very first time he actually came over (twice) and crawled up there without anything from me. He almost always sleeps with me, though!

Thanks, Steven and Deb, for all of your love and patience. Lexie and Thomas are very lucky indeed!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What's in your Pet's Food?

What's in your pet's food? How is it affecting her health? In this presentation, experts in the field of animal nutrition will tell you how to pick your way through today's maze of pet food choices. Are too many grains harmful? Can I feed my pet "animal by-product"? Is there such a thing as too many table scraps? Join the Coastal Humane Society and panelists Judith Herman, D.V.M, Gina Snow, L.V.T., and Aubrey and Dan Martin to learn how to successfully navigate your way through any pet food aisle. You'll learn everything you need to know about your animal's nutrition- what to look for and what to avoid to keep your pet healthy for life.

Date and Time: November 17, 6:00pm-7:45pm

Where it is: Curtis Memorial Library, the Morrell Room.

This is free and open to the public. Refreshment provided. Call 725-5051 to sign up.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Finding Their Families!

After their long journey, the pups and grown-ups were happy to snuggle with new foster and forever families.

Shy Sophie was sure happy to met her new mom,
Sparks was raring to go, and
Spike met his new boy Christian.

More Cuties Saved!

We did a trip to meet our rescue partners halfway and transfer 14 cuties. They all did great and we can't wait to introduce them to possible forever families! they enjoyed their late night walk-and-water stop and then it was a hop, skip, and a jump "home" to New England. Thank you to our rescue partners for meeting up with us!

BB is the gorgeous cattle dog in the first picture, Casey is the pretty blonde dog, the black puppy with the red collar is Barry,
the black puppy with the white paws is Katie, she is so teeny! And the final photo is Autumn.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Trade Show at Finish Forward Dogs in Saco!

Join us for the first annual Trade Show and Doggie Expo at Finish Forward Dogs in Saco Saturday, November 6 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.!

A full day is planned and a good crowd is anticipated! This is a dog and family friendly event and there is no cost for the public to attend. There will be several raffles in addition to the Grand Raffle drawing at the end of the day which will include a $500 training scholarship! There will be a number of dog demos, a puppy play group, fun challenges, kids games and opportunities for the public to try out sports and activities that they offer at their studio. There will also be goodies available at the Bake Sale, which will include hot soups and breads, sweets, etc. Beverages will also be available throughout the day.

Please spread the word to your friends and family!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cooper (a.k.a. "Lucky")

Cooper was adopted by Mickey in the fall of 2008, is doing great! Here is his update:

Cooper is just a sweetie, and has quite the personality. The tennis court is a great area for him to get his exercise. Brant can't keep up with him. He thinks he's a bird dog...literally tries to jump up into the bushes after them!

He is afraid of his own shadow, but is still a sweetie!

He sure looks like a sweetie! Thanks for giving him such a wonderful place to call home.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

A FUN update - Breaking "News" Story on Memphis and the Gang!

After a year of evading arrest, Officer Maximum Mcguilicuty has captured two fugitives tonight. Sampson and Memphis T (with the ball in his mouth), both of Raymond NH, have been suspected in a number of highly sophisticated cookie robberies in Raymond as well as surrounding towns. Officer Max broke the case late Friday night after following a trail of crumbs back to the duo's downtown headquarters. Arrested at the scene was also the cool cat trio, consisting of Zachary, Madison and Andy. They are currently being held on charges of receiving stolen property, as well as aiding and abetting known felons. Sampson and Memphis T are expected to plead guilty to the charges in the hopes of a reduced sentence. Officer Max is expecting a promotion after breaking such a huge case.

More details on news 9 at 11........

Happy Halloween,
Jen, Kevin and the rest of the gang!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Updates on TWO more very Lucky Pups!

We recently received a very nice update from Sally and Peter, who adopted Angel in January 2009. Then, their daughter adopted Lexi in February 2010. Angel is the brown and white dog and Lexi is the black and white dog playing with her.

Here is what Peter had to say about Angel and Lexi:

"Sorry to have taken so long to report in on Angel, but I've been trying to get a decent picture of her playing with Lexi. They hit it off just great. This is the best I could do. Lexi outweighs Angel by about ten pounds, but Angel is faster. Angel shows no effects of the heartworm problem of last winter. Can't thank you enough for the help. Angel wants to send a little donation to help some other dogs that have to go through what she did. Through that whole time she was awfully good.

The little ragmop on the chaise is Ricky. He's a two year old Shih Tzu that my other son adopted from the Animal Refuge League in Westbrook. He holds his own quite well with the other two. It was really a riot all summer watching Angel, after running around and heating up, just stop and walk down the pool steps, swim in about a six or seven foot circle and come out and start running again. Lexi and Ricky aren't quite into the pool thing like Angel is. If someone takes them in, they don't panic though. They just swim to the steps and get out. Now that school is open, Lexi doesn't get here as much as she did during the summer. They have a great time together though.

Lexi is doing very well also. Both of them just love everybody they meet. Angel has been an angel since day one. She gets a little talkative when she wants someone to play with her, but that's to be expected. Of course she spends her nights on our bed -- usually under the covers. She usually goes out about 7:00, and then heads in to bed. Most of the time she's the last one out of bed in the morning too. Spoiled rotten, but worth it.

Thanks again for a great dog.

Sally and Peter

Thanks for the update on these two (and lucky Ricky too!)