Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Beware of Garden Hazards for your Pets!

We have recently been forwarded the post about cocoa mulch many times (and its dangers to our pets). We thought we'd research it and help get the word out. While no one can find a documented death of a pet directly related, there are suspected serious illnesses after dogs, cats, and rabbits were exposed to cocoa mulch. Humans like to use it because it smells good to us, but it does to our pets too! There are MANY other outdoor hazards for our pets as well - some types of perennial plants and all types of chemicals whether they are used for killing weeds, repelling ticks, or growing our plants bigger.

Just be aware of what you are using on your lawn and garden and what affect it could have if eaten by curious pets (it is a TOTAL myth that animals avoid eating what is bad for them!) We have also been told of problems from pets eating spoiled food in the compost pile, rat poison, beer that is left out to kill slugs, standing water in kiddie pools or trash barrel lids, ice melt products and windshield washer fluid.

We'll also take this minute to remind you that your rescue dog is a flight risk and should be kept on leash or lead at all times until you have trained him or her thoroughly to come back to you with and without distractions. Fearful dogs as well as curious ones are their own worst enemy. We love the 50-foot nylon leads as it gives the dog (and human) a little freedom but keeps them safe while working on the recall command. You can tie it to a cement block and it gives them some work to do and keeps them in your sight. We have many resources to help with training issues, behavior, fears etc - please contact us for help before the problem gets out of hand.

We all know it only takes a minute for a fatal mistake to occur.
Enjoy the upcoming seasons and thank you all!

~Janet and Sue and the whole Lucky Pup crew!