Saturday, June 27, 2009


Hunter is a beautiful boy who was happy to see people who would love him. He was a little shy at first in new situations but warmed up after just a minute when reassured- he seems like a guy who just wants to run and play. Check out this cutie pie. His eyes are just gorgeous!

Ruby Tuesday

We were all so happy to meet Ruby, she is such a doll! Loving and sweet, and friendly with everyone - not shy any more and such a great size! We all were so bummed out when she tested positive for heartworm disease - so she was unable to travel back with us, and now need to go back to outdoor living in the hot Arkansas sun. If we can get some donations towards her heartworm treatment we could get her in more quickly and have her ride north by the end of the summer. You can go to to make a donation - any amount really helps so thank you for even considering it. Here are some pictures of sweet Ruby!

Our friend Ned!

Ned is such a sweet boy. He's been living outdoors in the hot Arkansas sun and will be so happy to come into a wonderful home up north. He was loving and sweet with all of us, and fine with all the other dogs - he is just a doll! He is listed as a Carolina dog, but looks like a big sweet lab with pointy ears!

Puppy Mayhem!

We don't have as much time as we were hoping to post up dogs but we'll get there - we're just too darn busy playing with puppies! ; 0 )

Check out these dolls from the litters whose names begin with "C" and "M" . More to follow!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Whistlin' Dixie!

SO cool to meet not only the people behind our rescue partnerships, but the dogs who need us.

We went out Uncle Joe and Aunt Betty's in Earle, Arkansas to meet their fosters - happy, sweet dogs, all of them!

Check out Dixie! She needs to be treated for heartworm but then will be available, probably by mid-to late summer. She was so sweet with all of us, all other dogs, and was mellow and wonderful!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Welcome to Arkansas!

Scroll down for the beginning of our trip - but now you know we've arrived! More soon! And pictures of what you really want to see will be on later!

On the road!

The posts are chronological so scroll down for the beginning of our trip, and here are some mid-way moments! Arlo the co-pilot and fun scenery!

On the road to sunshine and puppies!

The very excellent adventure has begun! In the early morning hours of Wednesday (6/24/09) two vans full of empty dog crates, supplies, and excited people took off from Maine to Arkansas. Janet, Sue, Mary, Jenny, Jess - and of course Arlo - set off to retrieve some beautiful dogs in need from Arkansas and Tennessee. Luckily the rain only lasted the first 6 or 7 hours! Once we left New England we hit blue skies. After 26 hours we have arrived - here are some pictures from our trip! Thank goodness for co-pilots and Starbucks stops!

We will update you as we meet the cuties and continue our adventure, but for now - sweet dreams!