Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Meet and Greet at petquarters, part 2

Caesar could not be more handsome,
or better behaved! Such a doll!
Bolivar is a 9 lb mini-cutie who loved
all the attention!
More visions of our adoptable furry friends!

Toby is a gorgeous boy. The T puppies are getting
so big and beautiful. He thrives when he
is in the company of other dogs!
You can see that Travis is a kid magnet!

Caesar and Bolivar were like "me" and "mini-me" and they LOVED
playing together! They both are dolls!

Meet and Greet

Oxford was a total gentleman!

Badger is such a doll, and LOVES kids!
We recently took some of our cuties to "Meet and Greet" events. These photos are from Pet Quarters in South Portland. The dogs loved meeting their adoring public!
Dolly liked the calmer parts of the day, when she
had her fans all to herself. What a great girl!