Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Caleb and Leah - Two More Lucky Pups!

 Leah was adopted in March 2009 and Caleb in October 2009!


Beautiful Stout and Porter

This gorgeous duo were formerly Harvey and Henry, now renamed Stout and Porter.  Here's what their adopter has to say:  "The Pups are doing very well, continue to run on the treadmill ( which is a funny picture in itself ) and we bring them to our local day care at least
once a week, where they love them because they motivate the other dogs to play all day. We got really lucky with these two as they have the best
temperament and love being around each other and people!"

Brita - now Bandita!

Bandita - the 3rd dog to be adopted out by LPR!
Bandita is such a wonderful dog! She is so full of life and even dances around when we return home.... wish we'd named her Prancer
or something to indicate this behavior! She loves our daily walks and has become close to all of us equally. I know that other dogs picked one favorite (pack leader) and the rest of us were second class, but not so w/ Bandita- she treats us all with the same love.  She is a very healthy dog and we can't imagine life without her. Thank you, Lucky Pup!"

Monday, June 6, 2011

Got a Diva Dog or a Wannabe Cowboy Dog?

Then click the link and read all about it!  A COSTUME CONTEST to support a great cause, the Wells Fuel Fund!