Saturday, February 7, 2009


This doll was surrendered by her owner in July of 08 at the age of approx. 8. She just couldn't figure out why she was in a comfortable home one day and in a shelter with a hard concrete floor the next! Then she tested positive for heartworm disease and had to go through the treatment. She lucked out because some doggie angels sponsored her treatment so she would not have to wait long and get sicker. Now she is healthy again and enjoying life with kids, cats and other dogs at her forster home. Abby has some urine accidents (common with older spayed femaled) that the vets are working with some medication for. It is an inexpensive treatment and she is doing better. Abby also had a broken front leg in the past but she has no lasting problems except that her nails on that foot grow much faster than her other three paws!

Can you provide Abby with an indoor retirement home that is loving and safe?

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Gorgeous Tuxedo! He's a border collie, just over a year old. He has grown up so much and is doing awesome in his foster home in the south. We need to get him up here to a forever home where he can have love and undivided (well, less-divided) attention ; 0 ) He loves affection from people and just loves to run - making it hard to take his picture! Running partner, anyone? He is great with female dogs and mellow males but is not a fan of bossy male dogs. This boy is a snuggler who wants to please. He would do best in an active home.

Tuxedo is living peacefully with several other dogs and would enjoy a canine companion in his new home. He wants to please so badly and is extremely smart according to his foster mom. He has learned some basic commands such as sit, down and stay. Tuxedo is crate trained and is doing fantastic with housetraining as well! This has been his first time ever living in a home (just the last couple of months) so everything is new to him, and his foster mom said it was funny watching him with TV the first time! He loves kids but is maybe a little too "lovey" for very small humans.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tori and Tanner

Tanner is 35 pounds of affection who will love you to pieces. He is an Australian Kelpie/Lab mix, approx. 10 months old. He has a very mellow disposition, is not aggressive at all but will bark when confronted with something new. He plays well with his sister and foster siblings and likes to capture the prize from his peers. He is comfortable in the crate and will often go there to sleep, but prefers to be as close to his human companion as possible. At bedtime, he snuggles down to keep your feet warm. Tanner would do well with another canine companion to help him burn some energy, and a fenced yard would be a plus. Tanner is housetrained and will let you know when he needs to go out. He is a smart little cookie, learning commands, and loves to see the leash come out!

Tori is 33 pounds, also an Australian Kelpie/Lab mix, and has a very independent spirit. She loves to be outdoors and, while she does not need to be adopted with her brother, she would do best with another dog as a companion. She likes to play tag and wants to be the one being chased. She is very submissive and while showing no signs of aggressiveness, can be fearful of new situations. She is 10 months old and her playfulness is more subdued as she gets older. While she isn't overly affectionate in her actions, she loves to be patted and have her belly rubbed. Tori is housetrained and will let you know when she needs to go out. She likes to romp and play with the other dogs and the kids, and a fenced yard would be a great bonus. Tori is a little smartie, a great size for a companion dog, and loves to see the leash come out!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Ben and Leo - The Dynamic Duo!

These pictures of the boys (and their pals Trixie and Johnny) playing remind us what rescue is all about. Both Ben and Leo have come so far, from abandonment to safety, then heartworm treatment and separation. But now they are both healthy and reunited and their foster mom feels that they can not be separated again. They are truly best buddies and when Leo gets insecure he looks to his pal Ben for support. They sleep together, play together, spend all their time together. They are best pals and are looking for a forever home together. They could complete your family! We would love to work with you to get these dogs north into the safety of an indoor home. The close-up picture is of Ben and Leo.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

We picked up quite a crew!

On Saturday we welcomed 8 sweeties to New England - cold weather and all!

Here are some pictures from first meetings between our new pals and their foster families. Kenny looks like a little bear cub! He is pictured with his foster mom Amber. Riley is pictured with her foster mom and dad, Sam and Kate, and Mack with his foster Mom Mary. We also picked up Chelsea, Howard, Joe, Lucie - she is a lot bigger than in her last pics, and Elvis -- all shapes and sizes, all beautiful and sweet!