Sunday, December 27, 2009

Santa was busy with our Lucky Pups!

Here are some more Lucky Pup pics -

This picture shows Sarah on the right; she is a senior dachsund looking for a home. On the left is Teddy (formerly known as Tango) who was adopted by the family last year. Their sister Christmas is in the middle with Santa.

Beautiful family don't you think?

Lucky Pup in the news

Sasha, one of our sweet fosters, was featured in the Georgetown (MA) Record newspaper. Check her out! And guess what? She DID find her home for the holidays! Hooray for Sasha!

Monday, December 21, 2009

More holiday cuties!

Tara and Tess are two sweet lab mix girls, about 5-6 months old. They are shy and sweet, and both are coming out of their shells in a loving foster home, especially Tara. It doesn't get any cuters than these girls!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Upcoming Events!

Saturdays with Santa! Coming up this Saturday the 12th and next Saturday the 19th, please join us from 10-2 at Sooper Dogs in Saco. For just a $5.00 donation to our rescue you can have your pooch pictured with Santa. Several families have added their children into the picture, and saved the hassle of waiting in line for photos elsewhere! The photo above is sweetie pie Clive who is available for adoption!

Saturday the 19th we are participating in an adoption event at the Kennel Shop in Scarborough. Join us to check out our newest sweeties and take a chance on some awesome raffle baskets.

We are intaking just a few more sweeties in 2009, and would love to add you as a foster family or adoptive family in 2010.

Happy Holiday Preparations to all!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Jadea is a miracle dog!

12-09 Meet Jadea - a miracle dog! She is a black and tan coonhound that was found on the side of the expressway, starving, lifeless and completely broken. No one knows how long she laid out there on the side of the road suffering and starving. A caring person saw her raise her head and stopped to pick her up, and started her journey to recovery.
A volunteer brought her to a wonderful animal hospital in the south where they began the long process of putting Jadea back together. Jadea was emaciated beyond belief, she was heartworm positive, she was infested with intestinal parasites, she had rips in both her ears, scars and cuts all over and to top it off she had a crushed pelvis and broken femur. Treatment had to wait on her broken bones for over a week because she was too unstable to operate on. Her surgeries had to be split up because there was so much damage. Both hips had to be repaired and have screws placed to secure both. She also had to have her femur plated to hold it together.
Her recovery has been both long and painful - but after almost a year Jadea is finally healthy, happy and ready to find her forever family. Jadea is currently living in a wonderful foster home which she shares happily with other dogs and children. She is such a joy - and causes no trouble at all. Her foster mom says that her tail just never stops wagging!
Jadea would make a wonderful family companion - she is outgoing, loving, house trained, crate trained and never is in a bad mood. Even after her many surgeries - Jadea will never be able to put full weight on one of her rear legs - but it does not seem to slow her down at all. When she gets excited she likes to hop up and down on her three good legs - which is pretty funny to see. Jadea absolutely needs to live inside the home as part of the family. She is not an "outside dog" or a hunting dog - but a family dog. If you are interested in adopting the best family dog ever, then please contact us today for an adoption application.
This is a very special girl who deserves an equally special home.
Like many of our dogs, Jadea is with a partner rescue or shelter in the south. We would love to bring her north but need a loving indoor foster home where she can be part of the family while she waits for her forever home.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Handsome Clive!

Clive is a LOVE! So sweet and gentle. He is doing really well with his 3 doggie friends, cats and 5 children in the house so he would do well in a busy home. He is house trained and really loves his people and other dogs- very attentive and very willing to do whatever you'd like to please. He is so deserving of a great home. Clive would probably feel most comfortable in a home with at least one other K9 buddy. Clive is about 9 months old now and a little over 50 lbs so has a little growing still to do. He will make a lucky family a great companion. He has a calm demeanor for such a young guy, and has such unique looks - no one has a clue what breeds he and his siblings are mixed with! Clive had one eye removed as it was non-functional and bothering him, but he's doing fantastic and doesn't seem to notice ; 0 )

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Alissa is a sweet girl who will be coming to Maine very soon. She is an adult Catahoula Leopard Dog mix. Through no fault of her own, she has waited far too long for a wonderful forever home! She was abandoned as a youngster by her former owner who literally threw her out of his vehicle in front of witnesses. She kept looking for her owner as he sped away. In spite of her ordeal, Alissa is great with people of all shapes and sizes. She likes other dogs, especially males of her size or larger, and she loves kids. She will need a feline-free home because she sees cats as a great chasing adventure. Alissa is very sweet and affectionate but also loves to relax on her own. She would probably do great as an only dog after being in foster care with many other dogs at a time. She is only about 40 pounds so a really great size and maybe 18 months old. We would LOVE for you to have a chance to meet her, so contact us today for an application.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Asia is a 5 year old spayed female German Shepard. She is in need of a new home because her owner has moved and is unable to keep her. She likes to go for walks, run and play ball. She is a sweet dog who is very friendly and would enjoy living with older children or in an adult household. She has had all her immunizations and comes with many of her necessities (beds, food dishes, toys etc.) She seems OK as an only dog, and does well with medium to large male dogs. Her good buddy is a male greyhound down the street. Asia likes to be the boss so she has not done well with other female dogs, but she's just a great companion who likes to walk, run and play. She is housetrained and does not use a crate any more at all. She's OK with the run of the house while her family is away.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Meet Tara, Tess and Gracie

These beautiful girls also came this past weekend, and there are ALWAYS more puppies becoming available. We don't advocate bringing pets home on a day of busy holiday gatherings, but now is the time to start researching if you want to add a new member to your family this fall or winter.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A new group of loves!

We were so lucky to have Nicole Derr of NMD Photography ( at our most recent transport this weekend. She took beautiful photos of our sweeties getting off transport. For more info on any of them, you can go to under "adoptable pets".

Meet Morris, a beautiful pit that reminds us of "Petey" from the Little Rascals. He's been stuck in a small cage for so long that he's just so happy to be free and in a home - he is learning day-by-day what it's like to be part of a family.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Teddy is one of our newest rescues. He's a Newfoundland mix who is approximately 80 lbs. His fur is so cool, it's wavy and brown, so maybe mixed with chocolate lab? He's all kinds of sweet and certainly loves his humans. Teddy might knock over a very little kid just out of excitement to greet them. He has met a lot of dogs but can be a bit territorial with some dogs who don't acknowledge him as the boss. So far he seems OK with cats. We'll have more info as he settles into his foster home in Maine but if you are considering adding an "only-dog" to your family Teddy is the big sweetie you are looking for! He will be a joy to the lucky family that gives him a forever home. He is happy to just lay by your side, keep you company while you read, or go for long walks. He is an excellent runner and is very fast! He's been working on general obedience with a trainer and is doing very well.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thank you Eddie Bauer!

One of our fabulous foster moms, Jen, set up an adoption event at her work - Eddie Bauer in Kittery - and we had a great day of generating awareness, selling baked goods, and dog toys, and - best of all- introducing our available dogs to people. They all behaved beautifully and we hope to find some new forever homes and maybe even some new foster families because of it! Thanks Jen and all the staff and management of Eddie Bauer, and everyone who stopped by! Here are some pics from the brisk day!

Bear is the big hound puppy, Kinko is the small cutie that's in the photo with the little girl, and Memphis and Spring are together in a photo. You can see them (and all our available sweeties) on our website at

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Have a shy or fearful dog? Join us!


Living With A Shy or Fearful Dog
Presented byDebbie Jacobs, the creator of the website and author of
A Guide To Living &Working With A Fearful Dog and the Fearful Dogs blog.
Life with her own fearful dog Sunny has provided Debbie with insights into fear based behaviors
and how to change them. This not-to-be missed presentation is important for anyone involved
with dog care, training and rescue.Whether your dog is timid or extremely fearful,
there are ways you can help! Learn why your dogis afraid and what you can do about it. Begin taking steps toward creating a more confident dog.

Sunday, October 11, 2009 2p-5p
Reigning Cats and Dogs, Rt 1, 913 Post Road, Wells, ME
$10 registration fee
Pre-registration suggested as space is limited.
Owners are asked to attend without dogs.
For more information email:
**Please note, this lecture is also being held in Gray, ME on Saturday the 10th. Contact us for more info or to sign up. Space is still available, so email us today!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


What a fantastic day! We went to Damariscotta for the annual "Woofstock" event - this was our first time, and we won't miss it next time! Woofstock had something for every dog lover, from agility demonstrations to all-natural biscuits for sale. There was lunch available for the humans, challenge activities for the dogs, contests and show events. There were rescues and shelters, and dogs of every shape, size, age and breed! Thank you to Aubrey and Dan and everyone who made it possible. Check out pics of our dogs that came with us and all the fun we had. You can also check out more on our facebook site as well as the Woofstock page. Sabina is a black and white 1 y.o. pit bull; she was such a doll with all the kids, adults and other dogs. Baby Girl (or Piper as her foster mom calls her) is a 1 year old pointer/hound mix who is so calm and sweet, and Calvin is a 6 month old mixed breed - we had SO much fun taking guesses about his

breed(s). He is the mellowest puppy, and is awesome with kids.

These 3 and so many more like them are available for adoption. Contact us today for an application!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Spring the Dock Dog!

We took beautiful Spring to the practice of the newly-formed Maine Dock Dogs group. She had a blast, though did not like waiting between turns! With a little more practice she'll be flying even further. I think she'd even go in without a ball or something to chase! At one point, a dog wouldn't go in - he stopped at the end of the dock while the tennis ball bobbed in the water - it was just too much! Spring broke her gentle leader, ran into the water, swam out and got the tennis ball! What a riot! (against the rules, but still a riot! ; 0 )

Spring is SO ready for a home of her own, a doggy-sporting familly would be perfect. People at the practice tonight thought she'd do great at flyball or agility, not to mention the Dock Dogs and regular obedience. She is such a love - she has some energy but is also snuggly. She is good with other dogs but will be the boss if you let her. She is house-trained, crate-trained, and just a sweet love! (she is the black and white border collie mix in the pictures)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Breaking News in the Rescue World!

Check out the news from Arkansas! Our sweeties Ben and Leo came north along with 8 other dogs in need of homes. There is a video feed as well as newspaper article and the Humane Society of the United States press release. We are so grateful for everyone who helped along the way - from the original rescuers to the foster homes, to Anita and her friends, to the fosters here in New England and the adopters of all these wonderful dogs.

Video (click on "dogs rescued..........." on the left)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Trevor is looking for his forever home

Trevor is such a sweetheart - he is living with two male foster brothers and loving life at their home, but he needs his forever home - we know you are out there somewhere! He is a terrific medium-size dog - still a young'un at less than a year old. He is pictured here alone and with his two foster brothers- he's the smallest one but definitely holds his own romping and playing. He will take time out for a snuggle though and is learning manners as well. Contact us today for an application for Trevor.

Spring has Sprung!

Are there any "dock dogs" competitors out there? If so, we have your girl! Maybe you just live at the ocean or lake and want a water-loving dog. Spring is a beautiful border collie mix who absolutely loves the water! At her foster mom's house, she will take a running start from off the deck and leap into the pool at least 10 feet out! She swims in there all day until you force her to get out. She went on a walk and leaped into a local stream and rolled around in there like a pig in mud!

Spring is gorgeous in person and a great medium size, maybe 40 lbs tops. When you go for a walk, she pulls on the leash at first but then settles down and walks like an angel - I think she has to see if she can get you to go faster - when she can't, she just figures "oh well, I'll go at this speed." She is loving and fun; she enjoys other dogs but needs an active playmate who doesn't mind her energetic playing. We're not sure how she'd be as an only dog - we would think you would have to be a runner or love playing ball - she will fetch at least one million times in a row!

Spring is such a doll! You have to meet her in person and then you will love her like we do.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Adoption Event at Hollywood Video

Thank you so much to Craig and Hollywood Video in Portland! We had quite a few sweet and happy dogs there to show themselves off yesterday. Check out pics. Cutie pie Max is with Jenny, and then there is Abby with her "mini-me" Kaila! Hunter is the yellow lab at the bottom.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Even though Terrence looks like a force to be reckoned with, he is the sweetest guy! Perfect combination for someone looking for a protector - looks like an attack dog but may lick you to death! Terrence was so loving to all of us when we met him, and was OK with other dogs, even Hank who is another male pit mix. Check out the pics of this beautiful boy -- Terrence has to go through heartworm treatment first (yes, it's a HUGE problem in the south - if people would only spend a few bucks a month for a heartworm preventative............) but then he'll be raring to go, and would like to join your family.


Oh my gosh, how cute is this girl? Lavern is a sweet beagle mix puppy who returned with us last weekend. She is busy and fun and just the cutest girl!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Our trip home

On Saturday morning at 4 a.m. we loaded up our 36 new sweeties for the ride home. SO much to think about, and SO many miles to drive - we did it in about 29 hours with potty stops, snack breaks and lots of swapping of drivers. The dogs all handled it very well - a few yapping puppies keeping us awake was well worth the trip. Thank you to all who helped at both ends and all the way in between - manning the computer, picking up food, making chicken and rice, and keeping us organized!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


How sweet is this guy! He is in full puppy-play mode with his siblings and his cousins the C pups ; 0 )


These M and C puppies are something! Their moms are brindle medium-sized dogs - maybe cattle dog mixes, and the puppies all look so different. Meet sweetie pie Mollie:

Handsome Hank!

This love bug is as sweet as he is handsome. He has been living in a small cage at the vet's office for many months, has gone through heartworm treatment and is now healthy. Check out this smiling boy! He was wonderful with all of us when we met and has been tolerant of us hoisting him into his crate for the long journey north. He did well with other dogs, even another male pit! He seems to be fine with female dogs and he met a cat at the vet's office which he ignored - though if she ran he might be tempted. His foster home has a cat so we will be able to update you on his reaction.