Friday, January 20, 2012

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The Animal Rescue Site is a "Click Here to Give" website. You can click on a button to help fund food and care for animals. It's free, and only takes a second of your time. Click every day! is an online, searchable database of animals that need homes, and a directory of approximately 13,000 animal shelters and adoption organizations across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and elsewhere.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jenna - Living the Lucky Pup Life!

Jenna - probably looking for squirrels to chase - she was adopted in September 2008
Jenna's doing fine, she's a bit spoiled though! Loves to lay on the deck, chase squirrels and eat.  She has an invisible fence which works great -  she's working out good!

Thomas - Rescue Dog Role Model!

Handsome Thomas - Adopted March 2008
We adopted Thomas in March of 2008. At that time, he was basically a feral 1 ½-year-old dog who had virtually no chance of being adopted. It was a long road to helping him become a member of our family and thank goodness for Lucky Pup and their members for helping us through the difficulties in the beginning. Thomas used to live in fear most of his waking hours, but now he exudes happiness! He rarely ceases wagging his tail and he is such a ham. His favorite thing is to sleep on the bed with us and he adores being petted. Thomas is a role model for anyone who takes in a fearful dog. He has overcome so many fears and even though he still has some to conquer, when you look in his eyes, you see a happy, satisfied Lucky Pup! Thomas has even come to help over 70 foster dogs that we have had come through our house since he has been with us. He is friendly with all dogs and has such a joyful spirit that helps our fosters settle in and feel right at home. Thomas has been an incredible addition to our family and he has taught us so much since he joined our family. Thank you Lucky Pup Rescue!

Lovely Lexie!

Beautiful Lexie - Adopted March 2009

I received an urgent call one Sunday in 2009 asking if we could take in an emergency foster. When I picked Lexie up that afternoon, it was clear she was a very nervous young dog. but she quickly settled in once she learned that none of our dogs were going to hurt her and that she had to follow the house rules. Little did we know that she was snuggling into our hearts and that we would be the ones to adopt her!

Since Lexie came to our family, she has helped with around 60 fosters that have come through our house while waiting to find their own homes. She is very playful with adults and puppies, but is also a good role model in teaching the young ones what to do (and what not to do!). Lexie has a very playful spirit and is a joy to have around. She quickly discovered how warm it is under the bed covers and we just can’t resist indulging her. Lex likes to chase the birds out of the yard and can make it to the back fence in a split second. She is a very smart little gal, but on the other hand is a bit stubborn. She will grumble a bit when told to get off the bed, but she never takes it any farther. We have been lucky to have had Lexie join our household and she will continue to help more fosters through all of her years with us!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Baxter's Story - Courtesy of

A Mama and Pup Story

Frankie and Chloe

Frankie has been such an amazing addition to our family. She has brought so much joy and excitement to our lives. She loves running on the beach and digging holes in the sand. She recently learned how to swim in the ocean and now we can’t keep her out of the water. Frankie loves to go hiking in the summer and snowshoeing with us in the winter. She LOVES to run and she is super fast. Her favorite place to go is Happy Tails daycare. She LOVES playing with other dogs and showing the rookies the ropes.

Two years after adopting Frankie, we were introduced to her mother, Chloe. We fostered her and it wasn’t long until we fell in love with her, and ended up adopting her two months later. Chloe loves to cuddle and craves any attention you give her. You can tell she is so grateful to be a part of our family. Contrary to her daughter, Chloe prefers the company of people instead of dogs. She will go up to complete strangers and just sit in front of them and want them to pat her. Chloe recently got into weight pulling and placed 1st in the beginner’s class and 2nd in her weight class.

Chloe and Frankie love to play together and wrestle. Chloe came to us and didn’t really know how to play with other dogs or toys. Frankie has showed her everything she knows and it’s so cute to see Chloe do the same things Frankie does. It’s not often that a daughter teachers her mom. We can’t thank Lucky Pup enough for giving us not one, but two, amazing dogs.