Friday, November 14, 2008

Smokey is so happy to be running around freely, eating up all the love and attention! He was living in a cage at a vet's office for about 10 weeks, some days not even being let out! He must have been so sad and he was in pain with an infection when he arrived. Now that he is in a great foster home right here in Southern Maine, Smokey is thriving; he is even about to graduate from obedience class! He is settling into a dog's life very well and is living with several cats. He will "talk" to you - it is too cute! He needs a family who will follow through with his obedience training and commit to exercising him daily as he has some puppy energy to burn! Smokey is a Samoyed mix with beautiful long white fur and is approximately 1 and 1/2 years old. His original owners were an older couple who no longer could care for him. Please consider showing him what real family life is all about. Smokey has many friends from puppy age right on up, all breeds, sizes, and energy levels that are looking for forever homes. Contact us at

Monday, November 10, 2008

Meet Sweet Tanner and sister Tori

Check out those ears on Tanner (to the left), and you can see why they nicknamed him "Yoda"! Tanner and Tori are small black lab mixes (maybe mixed with Schipperke ?) who are finally learning what living in a family is like after months living in a crate. They are not quite a year old and Tanner is turning out to be spunky and fun. He is right here in Maine in a foster home as is Tori. She is quite shy but is coming along, and Tanner is more outgoing that his sister. They are house-trained and learning manners and are looking for forever homes so they never have to be endangered again! Tori is more petite, all black in color and is pretty timid. It will take a special family to be patient while teaching her that people aren't going to abandon her any more. Please think about one or both of these sweeties!