Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Buster The Tractor-Riding Dog!

We received this wonderful update and picture of Buster, formerly Tommy and one of the adorable puppies in this picture! He was adopted back in February of 2008 and has grown up to be a gorgeous boy, and is a good farmhand to boot. We are told that he loves to ride the tractor at the farm where he lives in Maine with his loving family!

Mann the Reindeer!

Gorgeous Mann was adopted in July 2010 and here is his update!

I received your e-mail and wanted to write back to update you on Mann. We adopted him in July, we changed his name to Sam and we can not say enough about him or thank you all enough for your help. He is just the best dog ever, next to our other pup Raleigh of course. We love them both so much. I can't imagine that anyone would ever want to get rid of him, but their loss was our gain. It seems like it was meant to be. He and Raleigh have bonded so well, they are almost inseparable, but still regard us as the pack leaders. Two days a week they go to doggie day care and just have a blast. One day a week they visit a farm and play with the farm animals and the other two days they have a dog walker who loves them too. I am attaching a picture of them in their Christmas gear.

In response to this e-mail, we would like to sponsor another pup for the holidays. Please let us know what we need to do and how much we owe. It is the least we can do. Happy Holidays and keep up the good the work.


Kate, it is people like you that keep rescue folks going, emotionally and otherwise! Thank you so much for giving Sam such a wonderful home and sharing his pictures!

Update on Casper, now known as Gus!

The holidays bring us many happy updates on our previous residents. This particular update just warms our hearts and souls.

Here is what Gus' family has to say:

I am sorry it has taken me so long to write and update on Gus. He is wonderful, makes us laugh everyday, and has provided our other pit bull, Lilly, with a best friend.

As winter has approached, we have found that Gus has a love for wood stoves, as he and the other dogs spend most of the day laying in front of the fire snoozing.

That being said, Gus is always up for a good romp outside with Lilly, where they run around like crazy dogs and wrestle until Gus is tired and ready to get back to the heat!

He is truly a love and loves being around us people- he has established himself as part of the family and we adore him. He has been super respectful of the rules in the house until yesterday when I went into our bedroom to find him laying on our bed, head on the pillow, and only looked up for a moment as if to say, "oh hey, welcome home". What a devil!

We are also working with him on leash manners, and he is getting better, sloooooooooowly :-) Gus has also graduated out of the crate, and only rarely goes in when everyone needs a "time out".

If both Chris and I have to work, he now stays out with the other dogs and gets to enjoy sleeping in front of the wood stove all day. Also- just to let you know, we are expecting a baby due March 1, so we will see how all the pups react when we bring home their first human sibling! (We have our little nieces over often, and all the dogs are great with them, so we aren't too worried).

Hopefully Gus will enjoy getting to grow old with a human pal that I'm sure will adore him as much as we do already!

Keep up the great work, happy holidays, and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Quinn and Chris

Monday, December 20, 2010

Update on Akela!

Pretty Akela, formerly Jesse, was adopted in February 2009.

Here is what her family says about her:

"Miss Akela is doing great. She is the perfect dog for us. She hikes and camps with us and is the best all around dog. She even runs on bike trails attached to the bike (safely!)

Her passion is Frisbees! A 20 minutes Frisbee session is her favorite sport.

Hope all is well.

Best Wishes,

Akela and her family"

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Need Some Great Holiday Gift Ideas?

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Lastly, in the spirit of holiday giving, maybe you'd like to ask family and friends to donate to the rescue instead of traditional material items. You can also sponsor a specific dog and we'll send a certificate with a photo of the dog. Please see our wish list on our website.