Monday, July 12, 2010

Ivy's life was saved too - please vote!

Beautiful Ivy is another testimony to the power of love, perseverance and overcoming overwhelming odds.

When she was just a young girl, Ivy was run over by a car. She crawled up onto a woman's porch, dragging her hind legs, and laid there all night until someone came out in the morning. In spite of barely being able to move, she wagged her tail and waited for help. Ivy was immediately brought to the hospital where it was all bad news. She had four fractures in her back legs and required immediate surgery. After a total of three surgeries where MUCH hardware was installed, Ivy had an external fixation device on the more unstable leg and had to be carried in and out to go to the bathroom. After many months of care and some complications, including osteomyelitis (a bone infection) it looked like she might end up requiring an amputation after all! Once she came north to us, our wonderful vets treated her and helped her avoid losing her leg. She got strong very quickly and just wanted to play, play, play! After re-gaining strength and re-learning how to use those muscles and repaired limbs she was adopted into a loving forever home in southern Maine and is doing amazing. You won't believe the first picture of a frail and tentative girl is even her! The second picture is Ivy in her new life - the joy in that picture says it all - it shows you that she was worth every penny it took to save her - many thousands of pennies!

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jadea asks for your vote too!

Jadea is a miracle dog but she would have never survived without people taking a chance on her and putting a lot of time and money into her care.

Over a year ago, she was found on the side of the expressway in the south - starving, lifeless, and completely broken. No one knows how long she laid out there on the side of the road suffering and starving. A caring person saw her raise her head and stopped to pick her up, starting her long journey to recovery. A rescue volunteer was mobilized and brought her to a wonderful animal hospital where they began the process of putting Jadea back together. Many would have given up right then - Jadea was emaciated beyond belief, she was heartworm positive, she was infested with intestinal parasites, had rips in both her ears, scars and cuts all over and to top it off she had a crushed pelvis and broken femur! Treatment had to wait on her broken bones for over a week because she was too unstable to operate on. Her surgeries had to be split up because there was so much damage. Both hips had to be repaired and have screws placed to secure them. She also had to have her femur plated to hold it together. Her recovery has been both long and painful but she never stopped loving and wagging her tail through it. No one could look into her eyes and tell Jadea she wasn't worth it. After almost a year she was brought north into a loving foster home, and months later she was adopted into a wonderful family with a canine buddy and people who love her for the amazing girl she is.

Your Pepsi Refresh vote could help us save more miracle dogs like Jadea. The first picture is a "before" pic - well, after the major part of her physical recovery - and the second picture is of her now in her amazing new life (and she is now Gracie, the luckiest of pups!).