Friday, November 12, 2010

Finding Their Families!

After their long journey, the pups and grown-ups were happy to snuggle with new foster and forever families.

Shy Sophie was sure happy to met her new mom,
Sparks was raring to go, and
Spike met his new boy Christian.

More Cuties Saved!

We did a trip to meet our rescue partners halfway and transfer 14 cuties. They all did great and we can't wait to introduce them to possible forever families! they enjoyed their late night walk-and-water stop and then it was a hop, skip, and a jump "home" to New England. Thank you to our rescue partners for meeting up with us!

BB is the gorgeous cattle dog in the first picture, Casey is the pretty blonde dog, the black puppy with the red collar is Barry,
the black puppy with the white paws is Katie, she is so teeny! And the final photo is Autumn.