Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sam - Another of Sidney's Beautiful Bunch!

Sam - Adopted March 2010
I found some awesome information about Groenendaels- temperament and lifestyle on the attached description all suit us very well, I am totally psyched. I think Sam is predominantly that breed/ I am fascinated by the breed information, usually with mixes you don't get so much information. It will be so interesting to see how Sam grows and what his personality is! Sam is doing great with his potty training, and he stays by my side and keeps an eye on the ever-interesting and always-in-motion Lila!  ~Paula, March 2010

Snowpants (formerly Stanley) - Another "S" Sibling!

Snowpants is son to Sidney and brother to Sam, Sophie, Suzie, Steven, Sadie and Stuart

 Snowpants (formerly Stanley) turned 2 years old in December. He has been the best addition to our family.  We have all (humans Mom, Dad, and Suzy) bonded with our beautiful, blonde boy but he's especially his mom's boy. He's incredibly smart knowing which toy to pick up when asked (he has an extensive vocabulary) and super polite when getting treats and he especially loves to be petted. He has a chain link fenced-in yard and he loves to run, run, run. People ask us what kind of dog he is wherever we go and the vet told us he should be his own breed! He's still a LOT playful and a bit mouthy sometimes but it's probably from being spoiled so much but this boy is so loved by his family! 


Sophie, who stayed with her beautiful name, has been a challenge - so much energy!  We love her and she goes to day care twice a week and loves it and so do we. ~Barb, December 2011

Two Beautiful Lucky Pups!

Sidney (back) - adopted June 2010/Sadie (foreground) - adopted January 2011 
Here is Sidney, the mom of the beautiful S puppies and her daughter Sadie. We adopted her after her original adopter returned her and she has fit into our family perfectly!

~Kristen, December 2011

Elizabeth's Happy Tail!

Elizabeth - Adopted February 2010
Happy New Year!

WE LOVE HER!!!!! We decided to call her Lizzy.  Lizzy has started to herd our 100- pound Labradoodle!  We are working hard with her so she can gain confidence. She loves going for hikes. It’s nice to see her act like a puppy!  

Marvelous Memphis!

Memphis (back left) - adopted March 2010
WOW!! I can't believe that it has been 2 years already!!

It's hard to remember what life was like without Memphis, he is such a loveable, happy little boy. He keeps us laughing with his playful antics, always ready for a game or any sort of fun!! He loves to wrestle with his big yellow brother and it often sounds like the house is going to come down when they really get going. He prefers to sleep in, but once we get up for the day he is so happy to be out for his walks. On the day of the photo we were exploring the woods of Lincoln NH, all 3 boys had such a great day and were exhausted that night. Memphis has tried his "paw" at agility classes, scent classes and even a tricks class--what could be better for a typical Pittie Clown. Thank you Lucky Pup for bringing my sweet guy into our lives!!

~Jen, December 2011

Handsome Hutch!

Hutch - Adopted May 2008
"He is doing wonderfully, our family can't imagine life without him."