Friday, January 8, 2010

R.I.P. Sweet Cajun

We are very sorry to report that Cajun lost his battle yesterday. His spirit will live on and help the rescuers to continue in his honor. If you would like to make a donation in his memory, we will make sure it goes towards Cajun's final expenses and to help so many others like him.

In case you hadn't followed his story Cajun was an older dog who was battling cancer, heartworm disease, and most recently congestive heart failure. We are so grateful to Uncle Joe and Aunt Bettye in Earle who took this boy in and loved him when nobody else would give him a chance. If it weren't for them opening their home and hearts to Cajun he would have been euthanized long ago. And thank you to Lisa and Leanne, his southern rescuers, who took him indoors into their home so he could live out his days in comfort.

Cajun had such a hard road but kept his friendly wonderful spirit through it all. He was originally brought into rescue over a year ago when his owner was taken to jail. Once he got the medical care he deserved they discovered the cancer which was advanced enough to require amputation of one leg. He continued to love everyone and do really well, especially once he got into a wonderful home environment.

Cajun will be missed!