Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year !

Lucky Pup Rescue is not only celebrating the new year, but our one-year anniversary! In that time we have found new homes for 193 sweet babes in need. From 3-month old puppies to 10-yr-old senior loves, we have removed them from euthanasia lists, shelter environments, and inappropriate living circumstances and placed them in forever homes. We have so many happy tails, and a few heartbreaks as is always the case when dealing with living beings. If you'd like to receive our newsletter or would like more info on any of our dogs or programs just email us at We can always use materials items such as crates, leashes, dog food, and of course monetary donations but we can also use the gift of your time - whether you have an hour per month to help us with an adoption event at a pet store, or a few hours per week to help with home visits, transportation, etc we can use you! Thank you to everyone who has made our rescue successful this year!

We even have a facebook page now -search for us with the email above, and sign on as a friend!

Here are a couple sweeties that are already here in New England needing a forever home.

May the new year bring health, happiness and furry friends to keep your life fulfilled!