Thursday, October 29, 2009


Teddy is one of our newest rescues. He's a Newfoundland mix who is approximately 80 lbs. His fur is so cool, it's wavy and brown, so maybe mixed with chocolate lab? He's all kinds of sweet and certainly loves his humans. Teddy might knock over a very little kid just out of excitement to greet them. He has met a lot of dogs but can be a bit territorial with some dogs who don't acknowledge him as the boss. So far he seems OK with cats. We'll have more info as he settles into his foster home in Maine but if you are considering adding an "only-dog" to your family Teddy is the big sweetie you are looking for! He will be a joy to the lucky family that gives him a forever home. He is happy to just lay by your side, keep you company while you read, or go for long walks. He is an excellent runner and is very fast! He's been working on general obedience with a trainer and is doing very well.