Thursday, June 30, 2011

Chelsea's Adoption Update!

Chelsea was adopted in February 2009: 

Hi, Chelsea is doing great. We have been living back in Nashville for a while where she has a fenced in yard and we go running in the park most evenings. She's been getting plenty of human interaction in Nashville and she is surprisingly good with children.

She has matured a bit over the last 2 years and in some cases has calmed down and is a bit more relaxed but she has tons of energy and loves to run.

Here is a picture of my girlfriend Heather playing with Chelsea."

Tanner's Adoption Update!

Tanner was adopted in March 2009:  "Tanner is doing great. He’s a big cuddle bug. He gets along great with our other dog Pearl, and my parents dogs as well. He has been a wonderful addition to our family. I’ve attached a couple of pictures. One is Tanner wrapped up in a blanket on our bed, looking as though he really doesn’t want to get up.

Thank you so much for bringing Tanner into our family.

Have a great day!"

Hector (formerly Jerry) - Adoption Update!

Hector was adopted in May 2009:  "Thank you for contacting me inquiring about my "boy" Hector. I could go on and on about this guy, but I will spare you. Suffice to say that Hector is one of the the best things to happen to me in the past 3 years. He came into my life during a period of sadness and upheaveal and honestly I wonder how I would have fared without him. During my most "down" times there was this little (later, fairly large!) bundle of fur doing something so goofy that I had to laugh. I'm now in a much better frame of mind and Hector is a big reason why. 

Hector came to me entirely by accident. I went to see a different puppy but that little guy wanted nothing to do with me. I sat on the step at the foster home wondering what my next step would be when Hector (then Jerry) climbed up on the step behind me and licked my ear. Love at first lick! I took him home that day.

My grandson came up with the name Hector. We all laughed about such a silly name for a dog, but he's lived up to it. Hector the Wrector, Hector the Protector he's all of the above and more.

He takes his Retriever heritage VERY seriously. I'm always guaranteed a boot, shoe, or his bed when I come home from work. He's fairly well behaved, quite smart, knows quite a repertoire of "tricks" and commands and is great with my grandkids. He alerts me to anyone (or thing) in the yard but I'm not sure if he'd ever attack anyone. For the most part he's been wonderful with anyone who comes into the house. He'll back away if he's unsure of someone, but shows no aggression. His bark is enough to scare anyone off anyway.

I have 2 cats that he has made a truce with. He harrasses them and they give it right back to him, but there has been no real "fights", just squabbles.

My biggest challenge with Hector has been getting him out to socialize. He loves other dogs but hasn't been around many strangers, so at every opportunity I take him with me on errands and to Pet Quarters (one of his favorite places). So far so good.

I often talk about Lucky Pup and what a Lucky Human I've been to have found Hector. Thank you so much for my new best friend. I'm forever grateful.

Penny's Happy Ending!

 Penny (formerly Sunshine) was adopted in December 2008:  "Sunshine is now known as Penny. I've attached a picture of her under my desk at work and also of her winning the Woofstock costume contest as a "wolf in sheep's clothing", which fits her quite well since she is still "head shy" and will generally lunge at strangers if they pet her too long or loom over her. Yet she instantly goes back for more attention! She's remains a bit puzzling with that but overall she is a great and trustworthy dog to us and to her close friends - both dog and humans. She is always better behaved when tired out and challenged but this is no easy task! We are going to agility classes and that is really fun and a good challenge for her. Walks are more tiring for her when she wears her pack.

Once pets make their way into your heart -idiosyncrasies and all - there is nothing you won't do to help them.

Thank you and everyone at Lucky Pup for continuing to help so many dogs.

Handsome Jack (formerly Chief)

Jack was adopted in November 2008:  "Jack is doing great! We’ve had him for just 2 years now and we still aren’t sure just who is luckier – him or us. He has tons of dog friends in the neighborhood who we walk with everyday. His favorite thing (other than being with us) is chasing squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits. He creeps to the sliding glass door each time he goes into that room, hoping one is waiting just on the other side. It’s very funny. We call him our Blab because he looks and seems like a cross between a lab and beagle. People are always amazed that he is a rescue (or re-homed!) dog because he really has no issues or baggage whatsoever. We got lucky. So did he.

Here’s a cute pic from Halloween. So many words have Jack in them so we just had to celebrate our little Jack O’Lantern!


Two More Siblings Find Happy Homes!

Nadi (formerly Sandy)

Nadi and brother Django

Fisher (formerly Patrick)
Fisher was adopted in February 2009 and Nadi in March 2009. 

Nadi:  "Sandy now goes by the name Nadi. She lives with her mom, dad, and big brother Django. Nadi loves her morning romps in the woods and would probably spend the whole day there if she could. She also enjoys traveling and can finally get into the back of the station wagon on her own. At 70 lbs it was getting a little difficult to pick her up every time. Nadi spends her days either on the couch with her brother or guarding the yard from squirrels. She's very enthusiastic and makes friends everywhere she goes. If she could, she would thank Lucky Pup Rescue for helping her find a family that loves her so much.

Thank you and keep up the good work.

Nadi, Django, Denise and Nic

Fisher:  " Fisher and often doing great! He is great dog...loves to be outside running and playing with his four legged buddies, but not until he enthusiastically greets every human! He only barks when he is ready to play, loves his morning carrot and is the best friend to Mark and I. He is a great addition to our family. We are grateful for him and he is a perfect fit for our active outdoor we were in VT last week and got 34 inches of snow he wanted to lead the pack and cut the trail and never wants to go back inside! He makes us smile everyday...all we can ask for...

Amy and Mark

Molly and Abbey (formerly Maureen) - Two Sisters Find Happy Homes!


Abbey (formerly Maureen)

These beautiful dogs were adopted in May 2009: 

Abbey:  "She is doing fantastic!!! Actually, we changed her name when we got her. Her name is Abbey, and she is SUCH a love bug!!! She’s very happy. She loves everybody, she loves to run and play in the snow in the winter and in the water in the summer. She’s an excellent snuggler, and can be a goofball too. She is the sweetest girl, we are so lucky!!! We are actually having our first baby next month, so she will be a big sister! She loves kids, so I think that she’ll be great with him. We take her to doggy day care one day a week, and she has so much fun! She gets so excited when she’s going to see her friends. And then she’s exhausted at the end of the day. I’ve attached a few pictures of Abbey. We are so happy with her, it’s awesome coming home to her, she’s so happy to see us! And she loves to snuggle in bed with us at night. She is very smart, and learns things very quickly. We couldn’t have gotten a better dog!"

Molly:  "We adopted a pit cross named Molly. She’s doing great. She enjoys a daily walk on the beach, and playing with our children Jacob and Finn. She is working on not jumping on people and not chasing our cats around the house. She loves playing with other doggie friends and sniffing all the smells in the woods. Molly is also a really fast runner. Attached is a photo from our holiday card this year."

Beautiful Abby's (formerly Jenny) Happy Ending!

Abby as a pup.

With her new family!

Abby the navigator!
 Abby was adopted in April 2009:  Our dog Abby, (formerly Jenny), has been an absolute joy in our lives since we adopted her from your organization. She is smart, energetic, playful and above all else, always happy. Everybody who meets her is taken by her charismatic personality. She is a very well behaved dog and we can't imagine life without her. She is truly a part of our family.

I have attached a few pictures of Abby.

We appreciate your organization and its mission to help rescue dogs.

Thank you

Adorable Henry (formerly Jason) Update!

 Henry (formerly Jason) was adopted in May 2009:  "Enclosed is a picture of me and my kids, and some of "Henry" when he was smaller. We named him Henry for the woman who fostered him. We are very fortunate to have him. When I get new photos on my computer to share I will. Henry is just the right size for our family, he weighs about 45lbs. He is over 2 years old now. He is very strong and has a bad habit of jumping on my counter like a cat. He loves to play with other dogs and loves his toys, or with the ocasional slipper or sock. He knows the sit, shake, both sides, lay down, sometimes rollover, and when you say bang he falls dead! Thanks for checking in."

Silly Puppy!

Cutie Franco's Happy Ending!

 Franco was adopted in April 2009:  "Franco is doing great! He is about 2 1/2 years old and is a big brother now.  He is very loving with the baby and loves to sniff her.  He made a great friend, my father-in-law, who takes him for walks off leash everyday at the country club nearby."

The "B" Puppies All Grown Up!

Baxter (formerly Blake)

Yoshi (formerly Brett)

Sedona (formerly Brittany)

Holden - Adopted April 2009

Holden is just about the best.  We walk every day. He has his own group of friends! He should have his own Facebook Page.  He is still fearful with some things. He hates a change in the environment, like when I put up a floor fan and he would not walk by it. He is
finally getting marginally comfortable in the yard without his "run".  He Loves his kitties!  Here he is with "Lucy".

Thought you would enjoy!

Lucky Pup at Dock Dogs

Here are a few shots from the Dock Dogs event.  LPR had a table there and lots of dogs had a great time diving/jumping into the pool!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Animal Communication Workshop with Sara Moore!

When:   Saturday, July 30 from 9:30 - 11:00

Where:  Reigning Cats and Dogs, 913 Post Road, Wells
             (Reny's/Hannaford Plaza, under Olympia Sports)

Cost:    $30 per person and 20% goes to Lucky Pup!

You will explore ways to open yourself up to communicate with animals and will practice using pictures.  Humans only for the workshop, and bring yourself a comfy chair.  To sign up, please e-mail Sara at

Afterwards, Sara will be doing readings with your pets and can work from just a picture or your sweetie with you.  $15 for 10 minutes.  E-mail to sign up.

Meet and Greet at Pet Life in Wiscasset!

We will be at Pet Life in Wiscasset on July 23 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Come see some of our foster cuties and learn more about our rescue!  It is located at 681 Bath Rd, Wiscasset, Maine.

Kennebunk's Old Home Week Festival - July 9!

Please join us for this fun-filled event.  Lucky Pup Rescue will have a booth on Main Street!  Click the link below for much more information.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Merritt - Adopted in August 2010!

My husband and I could not have adopted a more perfect dog for our little family.  Merritt is a beautiful shepherd mix who we adopted when she was about 7 months old. She has the best disposition and is such a fun, happy dog--and very easy to train.  She and my husband go for daily walks through the Fells near our home and frequent the dog parks where she loves to play chase and tug of war.  Everyone who meets her, loves her! Merritt has brought so much joy to our lives! We truly can't imagine our lives without her. Who knew that a rescue dog from Arkansas would be such a snow dog?  She absolutely loved bounding through the 3+ feet that covered our backyard for most of January!  I think winter and snow is her preferred climate.  So far, she's not much of a water dog.  She'll wade in streams up to her stomach, but if she can't touch the bottom, she'll get nervous and climb out.  The thing she loves best about the warm weather is definitely the return of the squirrels--she goes absolutely nuts for them!

Jerry's Update!

Jerry was adopted February 2010:  "Jerry is doing great at our house, he gets to play with his freinds at daycare a few days a week, we go for walks, he sleeps in his favorite chair, we play with his ducky and he loves to bit the rake and the broom when we do chores.  Jerry now knows, sit, stay, easy, go get your ducky, shake a paw, other paw and laydown.  He loves to cuddle and get attention from his boy Andrew, who he sleeps with every night and loves to moan, groan and sigh when he naps in the sun.  We couldn't ask for a better furry friend.  Thank you Lucky Pup for saving Jerry and giving us an oppourtunity to love him."

Update on Chase!

Akeem was adopted in July 2010:  "Chase (formally Akeem) was just at the vet last week and weighs 46lbs and got his new shots and is heartworm negative. He is very active and loves camping, hiking and rollerblading. The shy little guy has truly come out of his shell and loves petting by everyone! He likes to play tricks on his brother and has such a fun personality. Attached is a picture of Chase (Akeem) with our other dog Bastian being lazy!"

Adrienne's Update!

Pretty Adrienne (on the left) - "Adrienne tested positive for heartworm in February but our sweet little girl did very well on her two months of crate rest, and is now back to her normal activity level. She will be retested in September.

I have attached two pictures, one with her buddy, Brando, whom we adopted 3 days before Adrienne.

Happy Tail Ending for Dixie!

Tiger, now Dixie, was adopted in May of 2010 and is a total lovebug. She has a new canine sister who is also a Lucky Pup, and they are adjusting to each other and life as part of a pack!