Saturday, October 23, 2010

Yet another Lucky Pup Alumnus - POLLY!

We received an update on Polly, who was adopted about two years ago!

Her adopter, Laurel, had this to say:

"Since this past week marks Polly’s second year in Maine, I thought I’d pass along a snapshot that shouts what a happy dog she has become. She was at the vet for a shot last week, and in her file is photocopy of her intake photo down in Arkansas. Emaciated, ears flopped down, sorriest set of eyes you ever did see. What a difference food, safety and love make!"

Awwww look at that great photo! What a lucky girl Polly is - thank you, Laurel, for sharing this terrific update, and thank you for adopting her!

Jenny, formerly Kaleigh, Mom of the "K" Pups!

Now an update on the mom of all the beautiful "K" puppies!

We recently received an update on Jenny! Here's what her adopters had to say:

"Hi Lucky Pup! As I mentioned, it is hard to get a good photo of Jenny (aka Kaleigh) because she is not still much. I really wanted you to get to see the amazing tail she grew. Also, we discovered that she loves to retrieve in water. We are so in love with this beautiful girl! Please feel free to share with folks who knew Kaleigh in the beginning, or her pup's families. The Oosterman Family."

Jenny found her forever home and we are so grateful for the Oostermans and other wonderful people that choose the rescue route! There are so many deserving dogs who make the very best family pets out there!