Saturday, January 24, 2009

A mini-cutie!

Walter is an adult rat terrier mix, all-white! He's adorable and would be a great fit in a family who likes small dogs. He loves all people that he comes into contact with, and he will do just about anything for a treat! Check out the cutie-pie Walter. He will be on his way north very soon!

Elvis has been sighted!

Well, Elvis the dog that is! He is a love-bug and enjoys playing, going for walks, and playing guitar - OK, maybe not the guitar - but he is a smartie, knowing how to sit and shake hands.
Elvis is a 4 year old lab mix and he's on his way to New England soon.

He's a perfect-sized dog and a great personality for a family. Some might say he's a hunka-hunka burnin' love! Contact us today about Elvis ; 0 )

Sweet Ariel

Ariel could not be sweeter! She is a great family dog just waiting for the right forever home.

She is a bit of a couch potato that would do best in a quieter home as she is a quiet dog. She is fine with children that are a little older, and fine with other dogs but much more interested in her people. She would do best in a home without a lot of alone time, and would love to have a retired person or people to share her love with!

Calling all Pit lovers - Dixon is your boy!

Dixon is a testament to the fact that the breed is not the problem -- he is in foster care and doing great - learning leash manners, getting along well with other dogs and all people he meets. He's a beautiful boy and is a compact small size. Dixon is a lover, not a fighter. As our friend Danielle always says, "punish the deed, not the breed"! If you are a pit-friendly family, ask us about Dixon. He's right here in Southern Maine waiting for a family to take him home. Our partner shelters ALWAYS have more pit mix sweeties. Most are exposed to children and other dogs consistently and sometimes cats, horses, etc. We can help you find the right match for your home.

New Homes for Sweet Babes

In the first couple of weeks of the new year the following dogs have found their forever homes: Rosalind, Gypsy, Red, Chico, Duke, Angel, Jessica, Cricket, Mickey, Bella, Murphy and Diamond. You know what comes next: there are ALWAYS more! We have some wonderful adult dogs as well as adorable puppies. Blanche is here, and she's a beautiful adult girl who is learning what family life is all about. At first she chased one of the cats but is doing fine, and at first she had to figure out how to behave with the other dogs but is learning by leaps and bounds. Everyone there thinks she is just about the perfect family dog. Contact us today for an application so you can meet Blanche.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Big Dog Lovers - where are you?

Hello to all the big dog lovers out there, or lovers of big dogs! Ceasar is an 85 lb. bundle of kisses! He's a beautiful lab mix boy who longs for an indoor home and a wonderful family.

Abby is a grown-up Rottweiler girl who, at 8, has a lot of life left to give - she has been given a second chance after going through heartworm treatment - SUCH a big problem in the south! She's healthy now and needs an indoor home with a great family to love her.
If you like big dogs, we have beautiful lab mixes, coonhounds, greyhound mixes and pit mixes as well. Contact us today or check out our available pets at