Saturday, January 16, 2010

Peaches is a sweet thing!

Peaches and her friends arrived today. Is she not beautiful?! She's a cute little beagle mix who is just waiting to be loved!

Old Lamar - you handsome thing you!

Old Lamar was the personality of the day! He is a loving, sweet pit boy who was rescued from certain death by the kind folks at a vet's office. He is ready to get out of a crate and into a loving home. Thanks to Jenny for the great photos from transport today!

Senior Beauty Lulu arrived today too!

Can you believe little Lulu? She is a senior Pomeranian mix who had been living with a family but was turned into a southern shelter because the family couldn't afford to feed her any more. She is a cute and totally sweet girl who deserves a forever family this time!

Even More B puppies

Brad has arrived!
He is the one alone in the crate, and Becca and Brian are together in theirs. You can see all these cuties on our site at The most up-to-date listings are there. Brian is still looking for a forever home as is his brother Brett.

More B puppies!

Beautiful Bella and her siblings are lab mix puppies - there were ten in their litter! One got adopted in the south, and 9 of them arrived today! It's Bella, Brad and Ben in the crate.

The B puppies are here too!

Ben was quite the social butterfly!

They are HERE!

They all arrived safely, thanks to Peterson's Express Transport Services ( Did you see Kyle Peterson on "Underdog to Wonderdog" this past week! GREAT P.R. for rescues!

Here are some pictures upon arrival today. First we have cutie Cindy, waiting patiently to get to the final leg of her journey!

Then there's Ladybird, letting the world know she has arrived.

Our sweeties are on board!

Twenty-one of our pups got on the transport Thursday. The southern rescuers snapped a few pictures for us of Cindy and Ladybird. We can't wait to meet them!

There are so many people to thank - all the southern fosters, rescuers, and volunteers who saved the lives of all these darlings, from roly poly puppies to adult pit bulls and everything in between! Peterson's Express Transport Services deserves a big thank you for getting our babes here to safety! We couldn't do it without you!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Since their foster families love to dress up our handsome pit bulls we'll show you Memphis and his halloween get-up. He's the hot dog!

Memphis is doing so well here! We are so thankful for his foster mom and dad and his canine and feline siblings for giving him such a wonderful home; he is now ready to move on to his forever home after graduating from obedience class and manners class! Memphis is a love bug, and just loves his people! He can get nervous around "wheels" - bikes, skateboards, etc but is working hard to overcome that.

Memphis is a small guy, only about 40-45 lbs but muscular and so handsome! He can be goofy and silly and will hop like a bunny when he gets excited! At first he was afraid of everything, after he had lived in a small cage in a vet's office in the south for many months, but has changed so much since he has been here. He is such a great companion and loves to kiss everyone. He loves his family's boat, is good on leash, and is loyal and sweet. He is housetrained, crate-trained and knows basic commands. You won't be disappointed if you give Memphis a try. He may like to be the only dog in your home, or would love to wrestle and play with a canine buddy. Memphis' human leaders have to be confident and firm so that they can let him know when it's time to stop playing, and to support him in trying new things.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sweetie Petey!

We could not resist these pictures of Petey! What a character! I love how in the Halloween photo the 3 dogs have the same level of focus on the treats as the little girl!
His foster mom says, " I have never met a dog with more personality. He makes my husband and I laugh constantly. He and our female pit are very close- they play and cuddle together constantly. Petey went to day care for a few days and got along with all the other dogs. He has been around small children and did well with them but would probably do better in a home where the children are stable on their feet as he does love to run and play. Petey needs some training but he is sooooo worth it, he is the most snuggly, loving boy- I just adore him." Petey is housetrained, crate-trained and learning new commands every day. He is getting much better on leash than he was when he first arrived and is less mouthy in his play.

Petey is a wonderful success story, as he was living in a really small space at a vet's office for a very long time, and now is enjoying the freedom that many dogs take for granted! Now he just needs to make the final journey - to a forever home that is willing to take a chance on this sweet adult boy.