Friday, December 4, 2009

Jadea is a miracle dog!

12-09 Meet Jadea - a miracle dog! She is a black and tan coonhound that was found on the side of the expressway, starving, lifeless and completely broken. No one knows how long she laid out there on the side of the road suffering and starving. A caring person saw her raise her head and stopped to pick her up, and started her journey to recovery.
A volunteer brought her to a wonderful animal hospital in the south where they began the long process of putting Jadea back together. Jadea was emaciated beyond belief, she was heartworm positive, she was infested with intestinal parasites, she had rips in both her ears, scars and cuts all over and to top it off she had a crushed pelvis and broken femur. Treatment had to wait on her broken bones for over a week because she was too unstable to operate on. Her surgeries had to be split up because there was so much damage. Both hips had to be repaired and have screws placed to secure both. She also had to have her femur plated to hold it together.
Her recovery has been both long and painful - but after almost a year Jadea is finally healthy, happy and ready to find her forever family. Jadea is currently living in a wonderful foster home which she shares happily with other dogs and children. She is such a joy - and causes no trouble at all. Her foster mom says that her tail just never stops wagging!
Jadea would make a wonderful family companion - she is outgoing, loving, house trained, crate trained and never is in a bad mood. Even after her many surgeries - Jadea will never be able to put full weight on one of her rear legs - but it does not seem to slow her down at all. When she gets excited she likes to hop up and down on her three good legs - which is pretty funny to see. Jadea absolutely needs to live inside the home as part of the family. She is not an "outside dog" or a hunting dog - but a family dog. If you are interested in adopting the best family dog ever, then please contact us today for an adoption application.
This is a very special girl who deserves an equally special home.
Like many of our dogs, Jadea is with a partner rescue or shelter in the south. We would love to bring her north but need a loving indoor foster home where she can be part of the family while she waits for her forever home.