Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sweet Micki, Formerly Known as Daisy!!

"We’ve renamed her Micki (after my mom who passed away on the 8th) …..she is doing great! She is such a love and so sweet. My oldest daughter Lily (9) had a slumber party on Saturday night and she snuggled up right with the girls on their sleeping bags on the floor only moving to give a round of kisses to everyone! She and Abby just love each other and play very hard during the day so at night they are both crashed on the couch! We are keeping her crated at night just because there is way too much mischief she can get into but she doesn’t seem to mind at all. I put her in about 10-10:30pm and Michael gets up at 4:30 to get ready for work so he lets her out and hangs out for about ½ hour before he puts her back in and then I’m up at 6:30. She does very well and never seems hesitant to go in (especially with a chew toy or a treat). Here is a pic of her on the couch with Abby after a long day of play and then on the couch with Lily….

Looks like this loving girl has made herself right at home! Thanks for adopting her, Jennifer, Lily, Abby and Michael!

Update on Sweet Casey!

A heartwarming update on Casey, who was recently adopted:

"Casey continues to adjust very nicely - she does the most beautiful
'sit' and 'down' - she is just so smart!! She loves trail walks/runs
more than a stroll around the block (cars and unfamiliar areas still
bother her a little but we're making progress and continuing to work
with a trainer). She made friends with a BIG but very gentle
Rhodesian Ridgeback on Saturday - here is a picture of her sharing the
couch with him and then when he left she stretched out to enjoy the
whole thing herself! Again, we feel so lucky to have her, she is
beautiful, funny, smart and a complete joy! Thank you again for
helping bring her into our lives. Best, Julie.