Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cutie-Pie Walter!

Oh my word! Walter joined us at our adoption event today and he's the cutest! He is approx 3 yrs old and is a rat terrier mix. He is so sweet with his 2-legged foster siblings and met several children during the day and was terrific with all of them. He was a little shy with bigger dogs at first meeting but given the chance he warmed up to them. He loved all the people he met and pranced around like a little cutie pie! His pictures don't do him justice - the spots on his body and inside his pointy ears are so darn cute. Here are some new pics of him. He is a 15-lb doll who will love finding a forever home where he can be pampered ; 0 )

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Adult Dogs Rock!

Maybe you love potty-training, figuring out how to keep your furniture from getting chewed, and being up at night with a fuzzy puppy, but not everyone loves that or wants that. Guess what? Adult dogs can be the absolute best! Our family has decided that we are adult-dog people, and the grown-up dogs are so much fun. Not that all rescue dogs are potty-trained, but often all they need is a refresher of where the doggy-toilet is. And not all adult dogs are non-chewers, but it is easier to substitute a chewy toy for the legs of your great-grandma's chair. Some people feel that a puppy is better because you can "train them right" from the beginning, but I have to tell you that our adult rescue dogs are so darn grateful to be in a home with a loving family that they are very happy to learn what you are trying to teach them. Out of 16 foster dogs, all but a couple were adults, and we've had fantastic "luck" with every one of them. All are a little different, and respond in their own way, but with love and patience and sometimes a little professional help from our favorite trainers, they do great, and move on to their forever homes ready to love and be loved. Think about adding an adult dog to your family!

Bo is an adult Treeing Walker Coonhound and Josie is an adult Akita mix.

Monday, March 2, 2009


This beautiful girl is an adult lab, maybe purebred, who is in foster in southern Maine. She is so sweet and loves the little girl in her foster home. She is too interested in the cat, so will likely need a feline-free home. Sunshine was a little shy when she first got her, especially with other dogs, but should settle in just fine once she finds her forever home. Sunshine does not love the crate - it comes from her recent background of being left in a cage or tied up almost all the time. This poor sweetie is probably so confused about what's happening to her and she is thriving with love and attention.

Contact us today at if you would like to meet her.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Pepper is here and she is SO sweet! She is an adult husky/chow mix (we think) and is totally a people dog. She is mellow and adorable and loves to please! She is housetrained and respectful. She seems to need consistent discipline so she understands she is not the boss, but she learns quickly. She can be a little iffy with adult female dogs, but she's so new to us that we may find that is just because she is afraid after all the transitions she has had. You see, she lived in a family down south, and they surrendered her because they no longer could care for her. Imagine experiencing that upheavel just when you've gotten used to living in a home. She is definitely used to "creature comforts" because she will curl up with you on the couch, follow you downstairs, and happily wait for you while you eat or get ready for a walk. She went for a jog this morning and is now snoozing! Contact us if you think you can add Pepper to your family!