Monday, April 6, 2009

Scrappy Doo needs his vision!

His foster mom in Arkansas says "Scrappy is the sweetest dog! We believe him to be a 2-3 year old schnauzer/poodle mix. He is housetrained, great with kids and absolutely LOVES to go for rides in the car! He would love nothing more than to be adopted by a family where he can receive the love and attention he deserves. Sadly, Scrappy was diagnosed with a genetic eye condition. He was born without tear glands. This went untreated for so long in his previous “home” that he has lost all vision in his right eye and part of the vision in the left. It is only a matter of time before he will go completely blind. We were thrilled to hear that there is a surgery available to help Scrappy and save his vision, but it is very expensive. The cost for the procedure (the doctor will route part of his salivary gland to his left eye and remove the non-functioning right eye) is 1800.00. We know it is a lot of money, but Scrappy so deserves a chance at a good life. He has had such a rough start, but still manages to wag his tail and jump up in his foster mom’s arms for kisses. He also stands patiently while his eyes are treated several times a day with drops to help keep him comfortable. He is so grateful to finally have someone to take care of him! Please consider donating to Scrappy’s surgery fund. It really is his only hope…. "

Scrappy will be available for adoption once he completes his surgery and recovery - just a few weeks away!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ivy needs you!

Ivy is one of our sweeties who needs sponsorship funds. She has come to us after going through absolute torture -- she was run over by a car in September and crawled up on a porch. When the people came out in the morning, she pulled herself with her two front legs and hid underneath a car. They had to jack up the car to get her out. Since she was a stray, they could have easily euthanized her then and ended the life of this sweetie. Luckily the medical staff saw something special in the eyes of this girl. After three surgeries, an external fixation device, and battling infections that threatened her legs and life, Ivy has overcome every obstacle and is now here in Maine in foster care. She still needs to get spayed after she gains some weight and gets herself medically stable. She is battling osteomyelitis and demodex and winning those battles as well. Her leftover bill from Arkansas is, remarkably, only around 800.00 -- and a huge thank you needs to go out to the Shelby Animal Hospital in Memphis for their donation of a lot of care and boarding -- and her bills here are already around 300.00. Sponsorship funds are greatly needed to help us continue to care for her and other needy dogs in our rescue. Thank you for every single penny - it all helps! Click below or contact us today at if you'd rather use check or cash. Thank you so much!