Friday, February 19, 2010

On our way to get our southern babies

We couldn't wait to get here! 1500 miles and a few glitches along the way (like this lovely weather fit for penguins or polar bears that we encountered through Maryland and West Virginia!) we made it to our new pals who anxiously awaited our arrival. Freshly bathed and raring to go, they greeted us, gave kisses but then settled down for their last night before coming north to find their forever homes. Sleep tight little ones!
Thank you to L & L for saving them and for running them around these last couple days for vet checks, health certificates and great-smelling baths!
~scroll down for more pics!

Lexi is a bouncy girl!

Little Miss Lexi couldn't get enough of greeting her new adoring fans. She's an active girl who is going to need some training in her manners with other dogs and humans. She is so beautiful and has grown so much since coming into her wonderful southern foster home with consistent meals and lovin!

She was sharing the crate with her cute buddy Jake in the top picture.

Check out Rose!

Look at Princess Rose! She's loving the attention from her humans, no doubt about that! Rose is a gorgeous Red Heeler who was happy to greet us all but also happy to snuggle up for some lovin' with Lisa!

Kaleigh and her babies

Have you ever seen more beautiful dogs? Kaleigh is the aussie mom and she loves her babies. She is a very good mama~ She is gorgeous and sweet and these puppies are really something - one more beautiful than the next. We don't know how anyone could choose just one!

More sweet babies ready for the journey

Chelsea (black and white) and Christy (brindle) snuggling with Lisa and Mary!

These sisters are very tiny - 5-7 lbs maybe ! They are going to be fantastic small dogs. They love to be held, and Chelsea is the least outgoing with other dogs but all seem to love attention from people! Their sisters were busy snoozing at the moment but they all wanted o say hello to us - gorgeous dogs, one after the other!