Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mickey needs you!

Poor Mickey! He is another victim of our economy, through no fault of his own. At 8 years old he finds himself confused and homeless. His family lost their home and can not take Mickey with them. A family member allowed him to live in their garage, but that's no way for an older guy to spend his days, especially when he was used to a home and family with his kids.

Mickey is in need of veterinary care, including neutering, updating of vaccines, and a consultation regarding his skin allergies.

Through it all, he is a sweet sweet boy. He was a little sensitive about his ears being touched and his foster mom discovered it's because his ears are painful and just a mess. She gently cleaned his ears and he was a real trooper - like he knew that he was going to feel better after!
Our wonderful vets are going to fix him up and get him ready for his forever home.

If you are willing to offer a home to an adult guy like Mickey you will be rewarded with love and loyalty for years to come!

Mickey is settling into his foster home where there are two female dogs, a cat and older kids. He is fine with everyone!