Friday, March 14, 2008

Halo needs a home pronto!

Halo is running out of time! He is a large and playful
Mastiff mix who has been at the shelter too long.
If you would commit to fostering or adopting him,
he could receive the medical treatment he needs (for
heartworm) and travel north, possibly in late April?
He is a gentle and loving dog in spite of his size.

Can you be the one to spare this guy?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Another great week for Lucky Pups!

More furry angels got new homes since our last "happy tails" post! Chelsea, Gabe, Brenda, Zelda, Bosco, Timmy and Cody all found their forever families. Thank you to all who have helped these precious babes on their way to freedom! Just like always, though, there are ALWAYS more! We can only do it one at a time and only with your help. Right now we have Mikah, Sasha, Rita, Tex, Dixon and Buddy in Maine that need homes. Emily is on her way north. Within the next several weeks, however, we have quite a few dogs making their way up to New England. Tisha and her tots (all 3 are small beagle mixes) as well as Tux (a sweet black and white terrier mix) are coming from Texas. Starsky, Hutch, Skip, and as many as 4 puppies are making their way north from Arkansas, and possibly some sweet Georgia dogs! You can see that we need your help more than ever. One great thing is that spring is approaching, making it easier to get outside with a new puppy or adult dog. Let us help you find a new family member to share your life with!