Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Arlo !

Arlo is our third Georgia dog who will be making the trip north this weekend. He is a big guy and still a "teenager" at only 2 years old - a German Short-haired Pointer, possibly purebred. He is a big goofy doll! He might be a little much for very small children just because he might knock them over by accident with his big lean body. He is searching for a family of his own after abruptly being told his sanctuary rescuers have to close. He was rescued from a kill shelter not long ago so he needs another doggy angel to step up for him. We can't wait to meet him, how about you? He is great with other dogs, loves people, and is affectionate and thankful!

Beautiful Tilly!

If you're a big dog lover, Tilly is your girl. She is a sweet lab who is approx 55 lbs. Her coat is a beautiful brown and she is a gentle and loving girl. She's great with kids, dogs and cats and will give you lots of love in return for a warm home, consistent meals and safety - all things that were lacking in her previous life!

Updates! Adoptions and Newbies!

This week we've sent some more lucky pups to their forever homes - Sunny, Tex and Dixon (they went together - yeah!), Betsy, Skipo, Daisy Mae and Ronny - thank you to their new families! Enjoy each and every day!

Now, we have some new babes - ALWAYS have new babes! A desperate situation in Georgia has forced a sanctuary to close, and to re-home nearly 100 dogs. After agonizing because we want to help them all, we were able to rescue the "best of the best" dogs and bring them here. We will update pictures when we meet them but scroll down to see these sweeties.

Here is Sully - he is a medium-size lab mix, terrific with kids and dogs, maybe a little much with cats. He is gentle and sweet and loving!